W88 can’t withdraw money why?

Recently, there are quite a few W88 brothers who cannot withdraw money from the house. Therefore, there are many brothers and sisters who are skeptical and worried about this issue. So, what is the reason why players cannot withdraw money? With this article, solve the mystery behind this painful problem at W88. 

Why can’t bettors participating in W88 withdraw money?

There are many reasons why bettors participating in W88 cannot withdraw money . That could be the reasons coming from the following aspects:

Because W88 changed the homepage interface

The fact that W88 changes the operating interface may cause some misunderstandings for players. For example, a player thinks this is not the site he is playing and exits. Finally did not find the old interface, so I thought W88 was a scam and W88 could not withdraw money .

Or players are not familiar with the new interface. So you can’t find the withdraw button anywhere and can’t withdraw as desired. Even when changing the interface, the house will change a bit in terms of functions. And the steps for making withdrawals have also changed.

If players do not catch up, it will be difficult to withdraw money. If you try and fail too many times, W88 will lock your account again, it’s difficult!. Therefore, bettors need to update the notice of W88 interface changes before withdrawing money.

Because bettors violate the general rules

If you can’t withdraw money, it is probably because the bettor has violated the rules of W88. It may be a violation of the rules of participating in promotions or participating in betting in general.

From time to time, promotions at W88 will have different regulations. Players who want to win and withdraw that amount must comply with the rules. Otherwise, it is understandable that W88 players cannot withdraw their money.

W88 can't withdraw money why?

Due to transmission error

Not being able to withdraw money at the W88 house is probably due to objective reasons. W88 can’t withdraw money because wifi network is not strong, lag is jerky. This results in your withdrawal request not being sent to the house.

The network error could be due to a problem with your network. Or because you requested to withdraw money at a time when many other brothers were accessing W88. So, if you want to withdraw money, make sure to have a strong network connection first.

Some withdrawal conditions at W88

To withdraw money from the W88 bookie successfully, please ensure the following conditions:

  • Player has enough minimum amount in account after withdrawal. The minimum required amount is 100,000 VND.
  • Players are required to record exactly the same data about the bank account that has been declared and registered with W88. If you do not do the above, the withdrawal request will not be executed.
  • Likewise, the player must make sure to enter the correct amount to withdraw. In particular, bettors should pay attention to comply with the house’s zero rule.

Instructions to solve W88’s failure to withdraw money

To overcome the situation of not being able to withdraw money, prepare yourself a separate bank card. Thus, the information on the card and the information registered with W88 will completely match and not be confused.

In short, the problem of W88 players not being able to withdraw money will be solved. If the player participates in accordance with the rules of the W88 house . If you want to know more about the withdrawal rules, please visit the W88 bookie for reference!

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