What is Baccarat Bonus – Hottest Redemption Game of 2023

What is Baccarat Bonus ,currently a card game that is making waves in the online betting market. Because this form of entertainment is a name that is no longer too strange for online card game enthusiasts. Coming to the game, you can rest assured because the system ensures information security for everyone. Let’s find out about this game with the W88 dealer in the article below.

What is the bonus baccarat game? 

What is Baccarat Bonus , this can be evaluated similar to a card game. Its play is similar to the three cards in Vietnam. At the same time, this game also uses a 52-card deck to play. However, at the W88 house it turns into an upgraded version with more terms and rules.

When starting to play Baccarat Bonus, players will place bets on 3 doors. That is Player (player), Banker (banker) and Tie (tie). Then, the dealer will deal the cards to the doors. The process of winning or losing will be determined by calculating the total score of the cards, the highest is 9.

What is Baccarat Bonus , this can be evaluated similar to a card game. Its play is similar to the three cards in Vietnam
What is the bonus baccarat game?

What are the rules of Baccarat Bonus?

For the bonus baccarat card game, the rules of the game are not difficult. You just need to take a moment to carefully read the rules in the game. So you can easily participate in betting right from the first time.

How to calculate points 

What is the calculation of the bonus baccarat , this is extremely simple and easy to understand. Just through the total score of the cards, you can know the winner or loser. If the sum of the cards is greater than 10, the number of points will be taken in the units digit. However, the number of points for each card will be determined as follows:

  • With cards with numbers from 2-9, its score will correspond to the number that appears in the card.
  • Cards from 10 to fairy cards like J, Q, K, all count as 0 points.
  • Card A will be counted with a score of 1.

Determine the winner and loser in the game

Perhaps this is the part that every player wants the most when participating in bonus baccarat. If the side has the number of cards equal to or closest to 9. That person will definitely win.

Bet and payout ratio 

As the dealer introduced above, the bonus baccarat will also have 3 doors, which are Player, Banker and Tie. However, each bet box will have a different payout ratio. Specifically, the payout ratio of each door will be:

  • If you bet on Player, the payout ratio will be 1:1.
  • In case the player places a Banker bet, the payout ratio will be 1:0.95.
  • For those who place a tie, the payout ratio is quite high, 1 to 8.

What are some common terms in bonus baccarat?

  • Banker : This is called the house side bet. When placing this door and winning, you have to spend 5% of the commission. For example, if you bet $ 1, the money to the account will be $ 0.95.
  • Player : This is the player’s bet. If you bet and win, you will get 100% bonus. For example, if you bet with an amount of $ 1, you will win $ 1.
  • Tie : This is a tie, 2 doors with the same score, you will win. The bonus is extremely generous, the ratio is 1 to 8. But the probability of winning is usually not high because it is quite predictable when the result will be a draw. For example, if you bet $ 1, you will receive a bonus of $ 8.

The experience of betting bonus baccarat is sure to win

To be able to win a lot in bonus baccarat , what players need to do. In addition to knowing the rules, how to play, you also need to own some tips. From there, it is possible to increase the probability of winning in matches.

Bet with small capital

Once you have a clear understanding of what a baccarat bonus is , prepare some money if you want to participate in the game. Managing your own money during the betting process is not very simple. Do not play “all hands” with one bet, only play each game with 10% of your capital. This is a game with a 50/50 win rate. So, if you bet all your money, you will most likely leave empty-handed.

Determine a reasonable stopping point

The more you play baccarat, the more passionate you are in the games. When you win, you get greedy again, if you lose, you want to place another bet to remove it. This is also the common mentality of many players today.

Stopping at the right time is a smart strategy. If you make a substantial amount, stop playing tomorrow. Rest, relaxation and mental recovery are the things that you should do before starting a new game.

Learn from the masters of the profession

If you are a beginner and don’t know what baccarat bonus is . The best way for you is to learn from the experts in the profession.

First, you can check the bets of players who have won multiple games. Then set up your own specific playing method. Judgment and the ability to think are also extremely important. Join many small bets to practice other necessary skills.


Thus, the article on the W88 house introduced you to the information about what is the Baccarat Bonus. Wish everyone successful registration of w88 and will have great relaxing moments.

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