What is a 32-card deck? Attractive card game only on W88 house

What is a 32-card deckis a rather strange name to Vietnamese players as well as on the W88 betting market. This is an exclusive 3D Casino game on the W88 house with many attractive utilities. Because of using a special deck, the gameplay of the game is also different from other card games. Please refer and learn how to bet to better understand this unique game. 

What is a 32-card deck? 

32-card hand is a w88 game that uses a 52-card deck. But have removed the cards from 2 to 5, of course the A card is not counted. The cards from 6 to K will be used for betting and scoring, where the JQK is counted as 11-12-13 points respectively. . The remaining cards are calculated according to the available value. You need to pay attention not to confuse the scoring method of other card games. Also thanks to the special point, the 32-card deck becomes more interesting and attractive.

What is a 32-card deck ? It is a game with high luck. And you also need to have logical thinking and flexible ways. If you’ve ever played Andar Bahar, you’ll find this card game has a similar fighting style. You proceed to bet on the box that you think will have the largest score and wait for the results. If you bet correctly, the amount received will be extremely large. In general, this is an easy card game but quite dramatic, so it still has an attraction for many gamers.

Rules of playing 32 Cards Specific 

On the betting table, there will be four doors, namely Slot 8 and Bet 9 and Bet 10 and Bet 11 respectively. At each door there is a diverse winning payout. In which, Bet 8 is the highest with a probability of 1:14. And Slot 9 has odds of 1:5.7 and Slot 10 has odds of 1:2.7 and Bet 11 has odds of 1:1.3.

Your task is what the 32-card card is to predict which card will be the largest. After you place your bets, the Dealer will deal one card each. Next flip up and add up the available score of each tile to see which door has the highest score. For example, if there is a K card in Bet 8, then the point of the upper box is 8+13=21 points. When the other squares are all less than 21, the bettor in Bet 8 wins.

In the event that there are two, three or four bets with the same score, the Dealer will continue to deal one more card in each box. At that time, points will be added to determine the winner. Deals are continued until the single highest score is found.

Importantly, in what is a 32 card hand there is a big bonus called the Thunder Reward. If the lightning icon is present in a certain game and hits the bet box where you have placed your money.

How to play 32 Cards at W88 

Currently, this game is being offered on the website or app of the W88 dealer. To join, please follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the house website or download the app at w88.
  • Click Register in the right corner of the screen and then enter the information. Then send to the system to confirm account creation.
  • Select the 3D Casino item on the Menu bar. Then select Vietnamese Game on the left edge of the configuration.
  • You choose the item Card 32 cards. Then click Enter the lobby to proceed to join.

What is the scoring method of 32-card hand at W88?

You will have 4 bets on the table, each box will have a default score from 8 to 11.

Calculation of bets = default score + dealt card score.

After you place a bet, the dealer will deal 1 card in a betting box. The value of each box will be calculated, then the bet with the highest score will win.

In a situation where there are 2 or more betting squares with the same score. Then the dealer at the W88 casino will continue to deal 1 card in each bet box. Until you find a winning bet.

Example illustrating the game Card 32 Cards in W88:

  • The 8 bet has a 10 card. Then the value is 8 + 10 = 18
  • The 9 bet has a 6 card. Then the value is calculated as 9 + 6 = 15
  • Bet 10 has a J card. Then the value is 10 + 11 = 21
  • Bet 11 has a Q card. Then the value is 11 + 12 = 23.

In the example above, bet 11 has the highest point value. That means if you bet on 11 then you will win.

What is the scoring method of 32-card hand at W88?


What is a 32-card deck?  It is an extremely attractive 3D Casino game, worthy of your time to learn. Please follow the above game steps to enjoy this game. Don’t forget to follow up at W88 to learn more about the fastest winning gaming experience. Don’t forget to quickly register for W88 to become a member of the W88 house . As well as a high win rate when joining betting. W88 always accompanies you in each of its games, creating the best experience for you.

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