Discover the secret of playing the W88 cash withdrawal Sic-bo game

In W88 ‘s huge game store , every game is fun, attractive and interesting. Then the game of fainting is still the game of choice for most of him. The main reason is that over and over has a very simple way of playing and rules, the bet rate is low, but the bonus level is high. Besides, every day the house also gives members countless incentives. For more details about the game of Sic-bo , please refer to the content of the article below.

W88 cash withdrawal Sic-bo game

Sic-bo is a traditional folk card game that has existed for a long time in China. When playing, there will be a player and 3 dice, plates and cups to take care of the rest is the player. Today, poker game versions appear a lot online or at bookies. At W88, too, the cash withdrawal Sic-bo game has now been launched and developed very strongly by the house.

In terms of images and sound are carefully invested, the 3D images are sharp and sophisticated, the Dealers are beautiful and hot. Or live music.

Arguably, Tai faint has the easiest way to play, you just have to choose Tai or Under. The result will be based on the total value of the 3 dice. The dealer pledges not to interfere with the game results and also prevent the resulting hacking from the players. The game at W88 is always open and transparent.

W88 cash withdrawal Sic-bo game

Bet on Sic-Bo game with cash bonus at W88

Cash withdrawal Sic-bo game is a game with rules and a very simple way to play. When playing this game, you need to pay attention to what kind of bet you are betting.

Over and Under bets

This is the easiest bet to play and is bet by many bettors at the house. Players will have to bet under or over. According to the house rules:

  • Underside: the total value of 3 dice from 4 points to 10 points.
  • Fortune: the total value of 3 dice from 11 points to 17 points.

Over and under bets are the bets with the highest payout ratio of all types of over and under games. The amount of the bonus received will be equivalent to the bet amount.

Total bet

In the cash withdrawal Sic-bo game , there is another type of bet that is the total bet. Your task is to guess the score of 3 dice. Players will bet one point from the total score from 4 to 17. Because each number is selected differently, it will be paid differently when winning. The more the winnings go to the hand, the harder it is to predict the numbers. If you correctly predict the total score of 4, you will receive 60 times more money. If you guess 10 correctly, you will eat at a ratio of 1:11.

Triple bet 

In this type of bet, you must correctly guess 3 of the same dice. Because it is not easy to guess correctly, the house often pays extremely high amounts. Players will receive a bonus of 30 times the amount of their bet.

Pair bets

Like the triple bet, the pair bet is a bit simpler. A bettor is required to correctly guess two dice with the same face. When you win any pair, you will receive a bonus at the rate of 1: 11. In particular, if you correctly predict the dice pair, you will receive the ratio 1: 20. If in the game, a pair of triplets appears. If the bet is the same, all the pair bets will lose the bet.

Number bets

When playing Sic-bo game withdraw cash in the form of bets. The player will choose any number After choosing, the player makes a prediction to see if it will appear in the final result.

Assuming the player chooses a number to bet, if the result shows all 3 sides is 1, you will win. For this type of bet, the bonus will be proportional to the times that number has been drawn. Normally, if it appears 1 time, the payout ratio is 1: 1. Similarly, if it appears 2 times, from a 1 win bet, you will get two.

Some simple tips to play Sic-bo  

In order to increase the probability of winning in the poker game, players need to grasp the playing tips. Here are some tips compiled by W88 from the players that you can refer to:

Bet on the lucky person

This trick is also quite useful especially for newbies. Because sometimes the choice of betting between the doors in the cash withdrawal Sic-bo game is based on luck. Therefore, this way is quite time-saving and not too difficult.

Play Martingale System

As for Play Martingale System, then this category will be suitable for both over and under. You will have to choose one of the two bets and then double up. Applying this strategy, the probability of losing is very low and the winning is high.

Also based on this way of playing is that the player can only choose 1 door from which to maintain for the next match. Note that in the next bet, the player needs to bet twice the amount of the last bet.

Note the winning frequency

Over and under will both have different winning numbers. Because the bet when the player wins will sometimes appear in a row very high. As such, you are required to remember carefully to improve your chances of winning.

The last article brought content to the game of Sic-bo and cash withdrawal. W88 hopes, players can refer to the information they have just read to bet successfully.

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