What is Dragon Fishing? Tips to play effectively to increase your chances of winning

Dragon Fishing is a winning fish shooting game with many outstanding features. When players join, they will have the opportunity to bring themselves many rich rewards. In the article below, W88 will share with you some effective playing skills to bring in the most bonuses. Stay tuned to know what the secret to playing Dragon Fishing is .

What is Dragon Fishing?

Dragon Fishing, also known as shooting arowana, is an old fish shooting game that is very popular with online bookies today and the rewards are super attractive.

  • The player’s task when playing is to use guns, bullets, cannons, etc. to destroy creatures in the ocean. Especially the arowana, because when you defeat it, the player will exchange a lot of gold coins.
  • In the game Dragon Fishing, there will be 3 latest super weapons that are diamond cannons, cannons and bullets. Each type has high damage ability, can quickly and accurately kill large fish and especially female species.
  • In addition to the desktop version, there is also a completely free mobile app. To get this fish shooting game just select the app that is compatible with the operating system you are using i.e. iOS or android apk. Then go ahead and download the game and install it.

Overall, the game is rated as very simple and easy to play. But to win, you need to know how to use your weapons. At the same time, functionality should be upgraded and the game should be played through a suitable round so that the hit rate is high and no ammunition is wasted.

What is Dragon Fishing?

What is the reason you should play at the W88 dealer Dragon Fishing game? 

Arowana shooting game today, although it is very easy to play, but if you want to play really, you still have to find a reputable and quality bookie. And among today’s online addresses, there is no better place than W88. So what is the specific reason why you should join Dragon Fishing , let’s follow up below:

  • Game loading speed is fast, no lag, both computer and mobile versions are available, so it’s always convenient.
  • Diverse sea creatures, attractive bonus gold coins, lively and lovely arowana.
  • 3 types of super weapons, including diamond cannon, optical cannon, bullets. Each type of ammo deals different damage But it has strong damage, quickly helps you to accurately catch large fish as well as fish with special bonuses.
  • Coming to W88, you can play for real rewards at extremely attractive prices.
  • The payment policy is diverse, flexible and fair. As long as the player follows the rules and wins, it will be exchanged through the system.
  • There are support staff available 24/7 to serve customers. Any doubts or problems are quickly resolved.
  • The legally operating W88 game company leads the game market in Vietnam and Asian countries. For many gamblers, this is a familiar and trusted destination.

The above reasons must be convincing enough for you to join Dragon Fishing W88, right? Hurry up and register for W88 to experience it.

What is the secret to playing Dragon Fishing?

Players need to accumulate for themselves the secrets of playing Shoot Arowana effectively if they want to have the opportunity to take home attractive rewards. Some tips that gamers can specifically refer to are as follows:

Select fishing area

Choose the appropriate play area because there will be a play area for beginners as well as professionals. If you haven’t experienced the game yet, it’s best to choose a new region.

Tactic of shooting fish in groups 

This is the most common tactic used by professional anglers. With this fishing trick, your goal is to shoot the fish as many times as they appear on the screen. Players just need to focus on continuously shooting at one point when shooting, they will definitely shoot down many targets.

Tactic of shooting fish to increase ammo 

Ammo boost is a strategy in which the player gradually increases the number of ammo after each shot. According to professional players, this is a very effective Arowana shooting strategy. The first time you shoot, you can use 1 bullet, over the next time, gradually increase to 2, 3, 4 … bullets. However, this method is only suitable for cases where there is already a large number of fish on the screen and the player has a large amount of ammunition to spare.

Tactic to shoot big fish to accumulate coins

Big fish is an object that gives players the opportunity to collect a lot of coins. However, they do not often appear in fish schools, so players need to capture the exact moment and accumulate enough gold coins to shoot. So when the big fish go with the school, instead of jumping into the fire at first and getting caught all the money, wait until they swim out a lot before going hunting.

Above is the game information we want to share with readers. Hopefully it will help you understand what Dragon Fishing is and help you quickly become a master of shooting fish, bringing bonuses to your account when playing at W88.

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