Summary of GAO GAE w88 gaming secrets to win big

Gao Gae is one of the super Hot card games that always attracts a large number of bettors participating at the W88 game portal. Although it has only been released for a short time, Gao Gae’s charm is undisputed. If you want to win a lot when participating in betting on this card game. Then you must have for yourself the most suitable and effective playing tips for you. Here, let’s join W88 You to refer to the secrets of playing Gao Gae W88 game to win big.

What is Gao Gae W88?

Gao Gae W88 is a very hot card game originating from Thailand at the W88 game portal. It is also considered a completely new version of the card game Baccarat. Therefore, Gao Gae is also known by many bettors as “Three Thai Cards”.

Like many other W88 card games, Gao Gae will also be played with a Western deck. Each game of Gao Gae W88 will be played in the following specific order:

First, each player in the Gao Gae W88 betting table will be dealt 2 cards. It is then each player’s task to choose the main pot bet to start the table. When the first betting round begins, the player will see his hand in secret. Based on the available cards, the player will calculate and make a decision: Drop the bet, follow the bet or increase the Gao Gae bet.

If a player decides to forgo the Gao Gae bet, he will be disqualified from the round and lose his entire bet in the main pot.

What is Gao Gae W88?

If the player decides to choose by bet or increase the Gao Gae bet. Then will be dealt 1 more card and continue to bet the 2nd round of betting. When deciding to bet, players will open and compare cards with the rest of the players in the table. The winner of the game Gao Gae W88 will be the one who owns the strongest deck and gets all the money in the main pot.

Detailed instructions on how to play Gao Gae W88 card game

To participate in betting on Gao Gae card game at W88, you can refer to and follow these steps:

Step 1: Please visit the official website of the W88 game portal and log in or register for W88 .

Step 2: Please select “P2P” and continue to select the game interface ” Gao Gae W88 “.

Step 3: At W88’s Gao Gae card game interface, please select “Continue” to move to the main hall. Here, choose 1 of 2 Gao Gae W88 game modes to join: Play for free and play with real money.

Step 4: On the screen will now display all the Gao Gae tables available at W88. Your task now is to click on the Gao Gae W88 table that is right for you. Each Gao Gae table will correspond to a different bet amount. Therefore, you should be careful and carefully consider the bet level of the Gao Gae table before choosing.

Step 5: Next, please proceed to exchange slots and bet Gao Gae card game. Specifically, as soon as you enter the Gao Gae table, the W88 system will deal and pay your bets. If you win, you will be able to eat all the money in the main pot W88.

The secret to playing Gao Gae card game effectively at W88

What tips should be applied when playing the Gao Gae W88 card game is a question that is always interested by bettors. So, right here, we will share with you the secrets of big wins from the masters.

Understand and understand the details of the size of the Gao Gae W88 cards

In Gao Gae, the size of the cards will be arranged in order from highest to lowest: Triple Card – Clearance Box – Triangle – Lobby – Box – Scratch Cards. These Gao Gae W88 card positions are as follows:

Three-card set: This Gao Gae position will consist of 3 cards with the same score.

Clearance Box: This Gao Gae position will consist of 3 consecutive cards of the same suit and score.

Triple picture: This Gao Gae position will consist of 3 cards J, Q and K that are not of the same suit.

Hall: This Gao Gae position will consist of 3 cards in a row of score and not of the same suit.

Box: This Gao Gae position will consist of 3 cards of the same suit and does not need to be consecutive in terms of score.

Scratch card: This is a Gao Gae card that does not belong to any of the above cases and must be totaled.

Have an effective strategy and know the rules of Gao Gae at W88

If you want to win when playing Gao Gae W88 , you must have an effective playing strategy. Along with that, you are required to understand the rules and how to calculate points in Gao Gae. In particular, you must remember exactly how to arrange the positions according to the rules of Gao Gae. Because many bettors lost their bets because they did not know the rules of Gao Gae W88 .


Information about Gao Gae W88 card game and effective playing tips have been shared in the post. Hope this information will be useful and help you win more while playing Gao Gae. 

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