Find out in detail how to play lotto at W88 for Newbie

If you are passionate about traditional lotto games, it is impossible to ignore online lotteries. This form brings many great realistic experiences to players. To have the best experience, many of you have chosen to play lotto at the W88 house. However, how to play lotto at W88 to win big? Let’s find the answer with W88 through the article below!

Types of lotto bets at the attractive betting playground on W88

Next we will introduce to you the popular types of bets on W88.

Types of bets on numbers at the attractive betting playground on W88

Score W88 

Topic: The player chooses a number from 00-99. The player then hits 2 numbers from the 8th prize. The odds of winning the bet are 1 to 95.

Special Tail Theme: Players choose and type the last 2 numbers of GBB, choose a number between 00-99. The odds of winning for the special tail are 1 to 95.

Special: Choose a number in the range of 0-9, the player chooses and enters the number of tens of GB *x*. The eating rate for this type is 1 to 9.5.

Tail: Choose a number between 0-9. Enter the last digit of the unit row in GBD *****x. The ratio of the tail is 1 to 9.5.


  • Lot 2 numbers: Gamers choose to number from 00-99. Catch the last 2 numbers of the 18 prize lot. Scale 1:95.
  • 3-digit lot: Choose from 000-999. The player plays the last 3 numbers of the 17 prize lot. Scale 1: 835.
  • Lot of 4 numbers: Get numbers from 0000-9999, choose the last 4 numbers in the 16 prize lot. Scale 1:7800.
  • Lot of 5 numbers: Choose from 00000-99999, catch the last 5 numbers of the 12 prize lot. Scale 1:55000.

3 Claws

  • Top 3: Choose numbers from 000-999, catch 3 numbers in 7th prize. Win ratio 1:835.
  • 3 Tail pins: Choose numbers from 000-999, catch 3 numbers in the GBB. Win rate 1:835.
  • 3 Head – Tail: Choose numbers between 000-999. Choose the last 3 numbers of the 7th prize or the last 3 numbers of the word GB. You will win x2 if 2 matches are matched. Win rate 1:835.

Lo Xian

  • Skewer 2: Select numbers between 00-99. Play 2 arbitrary numbers in the lot of 18 prizes. Ratio 1 to 27.
  • Skewers 3: Choose to play choose the numbers from 00-99. Then play any 3 numbers in lot 18. Ratio 1 to 150.
  • Skewer 4: Select numbers between 00-99. Play 4 numbers as you like in the 18 prize lot, the winning rate is 1 to 700.

Sliding Lot

  • Skewer 4: Pick 4 numbers starting from 0 and ending with 99. Slide the 4 numbers of the last 2 numbers in the 18 prize lot. Eating ratio 2:0.
  • The skewers 8:00-99 are the numbers in the range to be selected. Slide 8 on the last 2 numbers in lot 18. Scale 1:3.5.
  • 10: 00-99 skewers pick out 4 numbers. Slide 10 on the last 2 numbers in lot 18. Ratio 1:5.

Detailed instructions on how to play lotto W88 for newbies

You can play numbers at W88 through the steps below

Step 1: Login to W88

To be able to play lotto at the W88 house. Players need to log in to W88 by following the link to the latest reputable W88. If you do not have an account, go to the link and then choose to register for W88 to be able to become a betting player here.

Step 2: Go to the main website and choose the topic lotto at W88

After successfully logging in, you continue to access W88 and select the lottery item, then select the number game you want to play and finally choose the radio station.

Step 3: Place a bet

Please select the item number of topics you want to bet on and proceed to bet according to the rules.

Rules to remember when participating in playing lotto at W88

To be able to play the lottery is easy to win. Then you need to grasp the basic principles below. Detail:

Master the lotto method at W88

For games of chance, you need to know the most detailed rules. This gives you a higher chance of winning. Numbers are no exception. You can learn about this game from the internet or from a seasoned forerunner.

Using internet tools

Today, technology has advanced greatly and brought many benefits to people. For lottery players, having a statistics table is essential. You can get all these just by using internet search engine.

Be decisive when investing in playing lotto at W88

Calmness and determination are two factors that have a high probability of influencing victory. In reality, the lottery is just a form of big bad luck investment. So it’s normal to win or lose. So players need to know how to manage their own capital well.

Through W88You’s article on the above topics. Hope you have a detailed understanding of the types and principles of lotto at W88 . Just follow what we share above, you will surely bring success. Sign up for W88 today to be able to participate in all kinds of extremely attractive numbers here.

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