Advanced Online lotto Guide, Optimizing Winning Rate

Besides the lotto, which is promoted by the state to mobilize investment capital for the country, a number of other games of chance such as lotto, lottery, betting … still attract a large number of players to participate. There are people who get rich quickly, there are also people who struggle financially for their passion. A lot of people participate in the game of lotto. So what is lottery, how to play lotto online? Here W88 will answer everyone’s questions in detail.

The Basics of playing lotto

Winning or losing depends on the outcome of the lottery. The win rate is very high, so it is extremely attractive to players. The way to play is quite simple, usually depends on the last 2, 3 or 4 numbers of the winning number (result) of the lottery.

For example: If you predict and bet that topic 08 will come to the Northern Lottery today. You win if 08 appears at the end of any of the 27 numbers this afternoon.

If you predict and hit the correct number, you will receive a prize. The rule of buying more numbers, the bigger the prize. So you need to find a good way to find the lucky number. There are many different rates, depending on the contractor, theme, region…

The Basics of playing lotto online

Guide to online lotto to optimize the winning rate

The title is formed later but brings intense attraction. Typing is a form of predicting the last 2 numbers in all prizes of the lottery results table. When playing, there is only 1 special prize, so the winning rate is very difficult. The online lotto guide has many different forms so that you can freely choose to participate.

Play lotto first prize

Playing lottery from the first prize is the process by which players perform a poll based on the previous day’s first prize results. Also can depend on the special signs of the first prize to find the good numbers for today.

This form of online lotto starting from the first prize is extremely simple. Players will take the 3 middle numbers of the previous day’s first prize to make a bridge for the next day. Some rules of playing lottery from the first prize based on memory cards that players need to pay attention to:

  • First prize at 00 the next day, hit 99
  • The first prize has a result of 99, then the next day, play question 18
  • The first prize has questions 18, 81, then the next day choose to hit 99, 97
  • In addition, the first prize has a problem of 00, the next day the results will be double.

Instructions to play the lotto online

When entering the game, you need to know where each position of that day’s jackpot is located. Therefore, the tens in the jackpot are called the title and the unit of the title tag. You need to know the title, where the title is, to be able to choose the right numbers for today.

With this online lotto guide, you need to depend on the jackpot to predict the number. For example, if the jackpot explodes as 93615 then that will happen. If you guess the number 93 will come first in the jackpot, you have won the first prize.

Guide to playing the tail theme

You need to clearly determine what is playing the tail game to be able to choose the correct numbers for today. If the jackpot of today’s lottery is 303264, the tail number will be 64.

For example, you predict that tomorrow’s topic will display according to the first 3 tail 8 results, and the next day, the jackpot will show the number 185638, which means you have won the game. In particular, when playing the tail game, you will not necessarily have to predict both the head and the tail. Only make 1 of 2 correct guesses.

Guide to online lotto according to the 7th prize

About this guide to online lotto according to this 7th solution is relatively simple. You just need to apply the following steps correctly, you can immediately close the set of numbers for the next day.

  • First you have to open to see what numbers the previous day’s 7th prize includes. For example, on January 15, the results of the 7th solution on the numbers are 12, 54, 77 and 89.
  • The second step is to take the first digit of the first puzzle in the 7th puzzle and pair it with the 2nd digit in the 2nd puzzle of the 7th problem.
  • If you don’t believe this way, try it now. With a small amount of money, you can test how effective it is.

The experience of playing online lotto always wins

All games are born just for fun, so experience will help a lot in the process of betting. Learning the right online lottery will help you achieve a fun mindset while playing. At the same time, it does not cause too much impact on my life or work.

When playing the lotto, you must always determine that you will lose

When you play lotto, you have to decide to spend money to bet, the results will be drawn at 6:30 pm that day. Of course, it’s a game, so always keep in mind that a game will have winners and losers. Win or lose, don’t be too bitter, try to eliminate or allow yourself to win too much.

Set your own strategies

Usually, the house systems have a payout ratio of about 3-10%. Therefore, to guide you to the lotto online, you must follow the following guidelines:

  • If you lose 2-3 days in a row, it’s best to stop playing. Because the more you hit the more you lose, your black string starts and it’s best to take a break and then keep playing.
  • Keep your mind at ease, losing is an inevitable thing, if you win, you should not exceed your prescribed capital.
  • Do not conduct bets on many numbers at the same time, because even winning does not bring too much profit.

Taboo with many criteria

  • Do not go into loan sharking, pledge assets to follow the game.
  • Get rid of the thought of playing games to enrich yourself.
  • Do not think about hitting all hands.
  • When registering w88 to participate in the game, do not let it affect your life, work and family.


Hopefully with the above information, you also have a better understanding of the online lotto guide for yourself. Wishing everyone the best of luck and success in their future lives.

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