How to play unbeaten online roulette for bettors

Currently, in the major casinos in the world, the Roulette table attracts the most players. At online bookies, too, the number of people participating in Roulette is increasing day by day. Roulette attracts players by its very simple way of playing online Roulette but the money is often paid highTo find out how to play the most accurate, unbeatable way, go through the following article with W88 .

Overview of online Roulette

In the early 18th century in France, some casinos opened the first Roulette machines. However, it was not until the 19th century that this slot game was more popular in Europe. Only in recent years, some Vietnamese people know about this card, but are only allowed to play at legal casinos abroad.

To meet the needs of players, the W88 bookie pioneered the way to improve Roulette into an online betting game. Since then, more and more bookies have launched Roulette.

How to play roulette is simple, the table will have a spinning wheel and 37 numbers from 0 to 36. Everyone will bet on the box they think is correct and wait for the iron ball to stop at the number box on the wheel. If the iron stops on the same number the player predicted will win the bet. On the other hand, if the ball lands on another number of your choice, you lose all your bets. Players should also be aware of the betting methods and odds of each house they play.

Overview of online Roulette

How to play basic Roulette online

In the Slot game genre, each version is attractive to players and has an easy to understand way of playing. That’s why the basic way to play Roulette online is extremely easy, even first-timers can do it well. In addition to the basic way of playing, Roulette has some of the following odds.

Online Roulette Odds

Some odds in how to play Roulette online that are regularly available at bookies are as follows:

  • Select single bet. Single bet is the simplest and easiest of all bets, is a simple form of betting. Players only proceed to bet on a lucky number that they find the most correct. Single bets give players a huge amount of bonuses.
  • Choose a double bet. That is, instead of betting on 1 number, players will have to bet on a pair of consecutive numbers. The double bet returns the player 17 times the bet amount. For example. The player chooses to bet on a pair of 34-35, the ball falls on the number 34 or 35, you win the bet.
  • Choose 3 numbers bet. Similar to the 2-digit double bet, the player will have to choose 3 consecutive numbers to bet. Just out a number, the player gets 11 times the bonus amount.
  • Choose 4 numbers bet. On the table, the player must choose 4 numbers to bet with the condition that 4 numbers form a square.
  • Choose even or odd bets. Instead of having to choose a specific number bet, players only need to predict whether the winning number will be even or odd.
  • Choose half table bet. There are 2 directions to choose from, one is betting on the upper half of the table (from 0 to 16) or the other is betting on the bottom half of the table with the remaining numbers. This way of playing is safe, so it only gives the bonus that is the same as the bet.

The secret to playing roulette online unbeaten

Although how to play Roulette online is very easy, anyone can play it, but to make money from this game, only a few people can do it. To increase your chances of winning, quickly pocket some of the following tips.

Applying calculation

Players will have to analyze and find the lucky number based on the results of the previous games. Then, statistics the numbers that have come out from 8 times in the history of 35 spins. Then choose the largest number to bet.

For example, the history of 35 rounds produces 10 balls of number 21. Starting from a new spin, raise and hit the number 21. Stop when you have won from 2 times and lost from 5 times.

Double bet

A double bet means that the player doubles his bet each round to get his capital back quickly. This way the main advantage is that you can quickly break even and earn a lot of bonuses. However, the level of risk and also requires a large amount of capital to maintain for a minimum of 4 bets.

Applying the James Bond formula

Applying this tactic is tantamount to splitting capital. Instead of hitting a large number, players should divide their bets into the following parts:

  • 10 bets on square 0.
  • 50 bets on boxes 13 to 18.
  • 140 stakes in the remaining cells.

This way of playing has the advantage of being safe, ensuring the bet for you, just winning 1 part can also get your capital back. However, the big disadvantage is that it requires players to have a lot of capital.


The above article has answered the information related to the most basic way of playing Roulette online . Hopefully, after reading the article, you will be able to apply it to the game and earn a lot of money for yourself. And hurry up to register for W88 to experience the interesting Slot game store.

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