What is POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM and the basic gameplay of the game

Do any of you know what the game POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM is ? This is the most popular type of Poker in the world today and is loved by many people. So let’s find out what POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM is and how to play basic games for newbies through the following article of W88 . 


Poker Texas Hold’em is considered a variant of Poker. It is widely developed around the world and is considered as the “King of Poker Games”. Poker is played using a 52-card deck and can be played by up to 10 people per table. Most of the brothers who participated in playing this game commented that it was very attractive and easy to play.

At the beginning of the game, you will be dealt 2 cards by the dealer. And the cards will be dealt in turn clockwise until the player has 2 cards. At the end of the deal, 4 rounds of betting are also started, whereby 5 cards will be dealt face up for all players to watch. Those cards are called community cards.

The way to win this card game is quite simple. You use your trump card and the community cards on the table to create the best five-card deck for scoring. If no player matches your hand, you win. Or if they fold first you also have a chance to win. Playing Poker texas hold’em is only difficult in that you have to calculate when arranging cards so that it is reasonable. Once you understand what POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM is , it becomes easy for you to earn money through this game.


What are the rules of POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM?

When hearing the name, many people immediately think of the rules of POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM . Newbies often think that this card game is difficult to play and somewhat complicated in scoring. But completely on the contrary, POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM has quite simple and easy to understand rules.

The first thing you should remember is that in a hand of Poker, all the money that the player bets will be collected by the dealers into a stack called the Pot. Accordingly, the final winner will receive all Pot bets on the table. But also depending on the casino, Poker texas hold’em is divided into 3 types:

  • No limit: Unlimited bets for a game. If you find your hand is good, you can bet all your money.
  • Pot limit: This is the definition of a limit bet, that is, you can only bet according to the maximum amount in the Pot.
  • Limit: All players bet according to the limit previously set by the house.

In Poker texas hold’em you will determine the ultimate winner according to 10 card link ratings. The cards of spades, dragons, checkers, and cues will have the same value. The Ace has two ways of calculating as follows:

  • In the 10-JQKA lobby, A will be the highest value card.
  • In the A-2-3-4-5 court, the A card will have the lowest value.

What are 4 rounds of POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM betting and how to recognize it

In Poker texas hold’em, there are 4 betting rounds you have to go through. So what are 4 rounds of POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM betting and how does it work? The order of bets and the process of a game of Texas Hold’em Poker will be revealed below.

Round 1: Pre – Flop (Dealing cards)

What is the first round of POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM ? The pre-flop is the first betting round, also known as the dealing round. First the player to the left of the Dealer will place a bet and call it Small Blind. The next person on the left will double the bet called Big Blind. Dealer will move positions to each position when the hand ends. When the bet ends, the player will be dealt 2 cards. The player then proceeds to bet, according to the bet, to increase or to discard the cards until the bets of all players on that game are equal.

Round 2: The Flop (Deal 3 community cards)

In this round, players will be dealt 3 more community cards. These 3 cards will be face-up in the center of the table. In round 2, if Small Blind is still playing cards, he will place his first bet. Otherwise, the first bettor will start from the person to the left of the Small Blind. When playing, you use your 2 Pick cards in combination with 3 community cards to calculate whether you should continue to bet or discard. And you should remember that when you discard, you will lose all of your original bet.

Round 3: The Turn (4th community card)

The turn is the fourth community card round to all remaining players. The order of bets on The turn will be similar to The flop. If after the end of round 3, all players discard, the last remaining hand will win and eat all the pot money. This means that the player does not have to play the last round (Round 4).

Round 4: The River (5th Community Deal)

In POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM, if there are still at least 2 bets on the table, then round 4 will be opened. At this point, the player is dealt a 5th community card and has to turn the cards over to link their own cards. The player will form the strongest 5 cards based on a combination of 2 Remove cards and 5 community cards are dealt. You win as the player with the highest combination in the hand ranking and win the entire Pot.

So what is the definition of the card game POKER TEXAS HOLD’EM has been explained by W88 through the above article. Refer to the article and register for W88 to play at the house and have a chance to win huge bonuses from it.

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