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Currently on the online lottery market in Vietnam, there are many established reputable bookmakers.

Here, would like to list the websites in the top of the most reputable online lottery and have the highest eating rate on the Vietnamese market today.

#1 Reputable lottery site W88

When it comes to prestige, the W88 house will definitely be at the top of this list. You can see the introduction and review of w88 of W88HN.VIP to see the advantages and strengths of this house.

This online lottery website provides online lottery products according to the prestigious 3 domain XSKT prizes with very competitive reward rates and fast lottery products, super speed lottery 1 to 90, continuous lottery.


#2 Play lottery online at Fun88

 49 / 5.000 Kết quả dịch Kết quả bản dịch Reputable lottery site, online lotteries

The Fun88 bookie is a famous online casino for online casinos and is also known as one of the pioneers of online lotteries.

Playing online lotteries at the reputable bookie Fun88 is considered the most prestigious and standard today. In terms of the prestige of the house, Fun88bet is not inferior to other names on the market. However, the trust and the number of players are large, so Fun88 is the most prestigious online lottery website

You can play almost all types of Vietnamese lotteries on this reputable online lottery site. From the north station, the south station to the central station. From the lottery category Vietlot, Mega6/45, Mega6/55 to lottery stations in the world such as UK, USA, Canada.

Usually Vietnamese people play lotto, 3 as, 4, Fun88 all have. Both the odds of winning the lottery at the Fun88 house are also quite high compared to the common ground.

In terms of the lottery market share playing to the lottery, Fun88 is currently one of the top lottery sites with the most players.


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#3 Play reputable online lotteries at the K8 bookie

The K8 bookmaker has not had a long time of development, but K8’s betting products are considered to be aimed at online betting players.

Especially the prestigious lottery site of K8. K8’s lottery game is by far the largest number of players in Vietnam and Asia.

This most reputable online casino K8 allows players to record lots or deal with large amounts of money. They accept almost all customer orders. K8’s lottery system also has a variety of bets, allowing to record many genres from skewers, 3 skewers, 4 skewers, and staging. The odds of winning the lottery of K8 include:

  • Lottery: 1 for 95
  • Lot of skewers: 1 to eat 16.3

K8 online casino deserves to be at the top of the prestigious lottery bookies today because of its solid financial capacity, sustainable development strategy and multinational operation scale.

In the online lottery market in Vietnam, K8’s lottery product is still quite new, but with the number of players in other betting subjects moving in, it also makes K8 a big name in the betting market share. current lottery results.

#4 Prestigious online lottery site 12bet

Currently in Vietnam, the house 12bet has put lotto in its betting lottery game category. This is something that is expected from many customers who are playing at the 12bet house. Online lottery players in Vietnam have a new option.

It must be affirmed that the 12bet house is the one in the top of the most prestigious bookmakers in Asia today.

Therefore, you can rest assured to play online at 12bet. Because it has not been deployed for a long time, 12bet’s lotteries are not really diverse in how to record many numbers.

However, at the basic level of play, the house number 12bet is the best choice today. If you only play lotteries, Lot, 3 more lots, 3 more deals, 4 more lots, 4 more deals and skew, you should only choose the 12bet house.

This bookie also offers a fairly high bet level, allowing many big players to comfortably to play.
  • Lot 2 numbers: 1 to eat 81
  • Lot 3 numbers: 1 to eat 810
  • Title: 1 meal 83
  • 3 claws: 1 to eat 710
  • Skewers 2: 1 eat 15, skewers 3 1 eat 50, Skewers 4 1 eat 150
  • Slide lot: 1 to 2.5
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#5 Prestigious online lottery site loto188

Playing lotteries online Loto188 also allows players to place slips. This is quite rare. The three regions of central and southern radio stations such as Kontum, Tay Ninh, Vung Tau, Binh Duong, Ca Mau, and Bac Lieu provinces are available here. In general, from the product to the prestige level of Loto188 is highly appreciated by players.

#6 Hit 188bet online lottery

Almost similar to Loto188. The reputable lottery house 188bet also offers the most popular lottery game.
Allows players to order all stations of most provinces of Vietnam. In addition, 188bet is also one of the bookies with a high payout ratio.
Almost 188bet’s lottery game has no weaknesses. They satisfy almost all the most demanding lottery players today.
The odds of the prestigious house 188bet are among the most competitive today, compared to Kucasino and Lotto188.
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#7 Dafabet Online Lottery Website

The plus point of 1 playing online lottery at Dafabet is the prestige of this bookie. Dafabet is one of the most active bookmakers in the Southeast Asian market.

The prestigious online gambling Dafabet has a full range of bets. Dafabet is famous for its fast football betting, virtual football. However, recently, Dafabet has also allowed betting players in Vietnam to play more traditional Lottery games.

Although their lottery betting portal must go through a third party, the online game company GPI, but in general, players can still place their bets comfortably without worrying about any problems.

#8 reputable site numbering V9bet

V9bet is a reputable bookmaker that has recently emerged. However, it has also resonated greatly with the betting market inside and outside Vietnam.

Online lottery site V9bet also considers Vietnam as one of the potential markets, and they seriously invest here. Therefore, a popular game like the 3-domain lotto is definitely indispensable. V9bet’s lottery betting interface is quite similar to Fabet’s.

The way to write lotteries at V9bet is also simple and no-frills. It is very easy for first time people to play online lottery.

Basically, V9bet online lotteries meet most of today’s ways of playing and recording. From the stone lot, 2 skewers, 3 skewers, 4 skewers, lotteries, 3 pins, 4 pins are all easily  at the prestigious V9bet house.

Being aware that they are new bookmakers to the market, V9bet is also very focused on taking care of its customers as well as trying to keep the house’s reputation as high as possible.

If you are a simple lottery player or a professional player, the lot owner can record directly at V9bet

Conclusion about Prestigious Online Looting

In short, currently on the online market, the number of online topics is very rich and diverse. But according to the assessment of, the W88 lottery house is the best bookie in the Vietnamese lottery market.

Because the W88 online lottery house has many attractive promotions, attentive service staff, fast deposit and withdrawal.


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