What is the first goal bet- The most accurate way to participate

In a football match the most exciting thing is when the goal appears. Scoring is what creates emotional frames when watching football. So when grasping this mentality, the bookie has created a bet on the first team to score a goal so that everyone can double the feeling when playing betting. So what is the first goal bet, how to choose? There are too many questions why before playing the bet the team to score first. Let the W88 bookie answer and guide you on how to play this type of bet.

What is the concept of the first goal bet

What is the first goal bet, this is where one team scores the first goal and if everyone chooses the right team to score then the player wins the bet. In the case of an own goal, if the player bets on the team’s own goal, the player will lose and vice versa. In case a goal is scored but it is not recognized by the referee, it means that there was no first goal.
What is the concept of the first goal bet
The most special thing is the case where the match is going on but for some reason is canceled. If the match is abandoned when the first goal has been scored then the player wins the bet. If the match is canceled when the match has not been scored, the bet will be refunded.
To be able to hold up to 8-9 winnings in your hand when playing this bet. You should choose the team to score the first goal is extremely important. It is extremely important to find out which team has a high probability of scoring first.
Everyone has to find out the performance of the two teams, the line-ups, the goalkeepers and the strikers of the matches…. A team that fully converges these factors, you can be sure to win 70% of the victory when betting on this bet.

What is the payout percentage of the first goal bet

Once you understand what the first table bet is, you can see that this form of entertainment is more relaxing and inspiring. It also gives players a chance to win great prizes. Compared to the overall score, the bet on the team to score the first goal has a higher reward than the Asian and Over-Under markets. Usually, the bet paid by the bookie is around 1.5 or higher.

How to bet on the first goal from the players at W88

To help you guys easily bet and win at this match. Here, the W88 house will analyze more carefully how to bet on what is the first goal, let’s follow along!

Pay attention to the lineup when preparing to go to the field of the team

This is a factor that everyone needs to pay attention to when betting on the first team to score. Many tournaments are now often held in parallel. So the coaches to be able to keep the strength of the key players.
So they will rotate another formation to come out. So everyone, please observe the quality of the main kickers of the teams and then decide to bet.

Observe the team’s goalkeeper

If you bet on a team with a good goalkeeper that is a huge advantage. Because the goalkeeper is the one who blocks the ball and limits the opponent’s ability to score. Some famous goalkeepers that you can trust to bet with certainty in this matchup such as: Thibaut Courtois, Iker Casillas, Jan Oblak, Alisson….

Notice the team’s striker

Perhaps the team’s striker is a very important factor that everyone needs to pay attention to when playing the first team to score a goal. Because everyone knows that most strikers are the ones who create goals for the game. Therefore, if you want to win at this bet, people should choose teams that have a strong striker line and have the ability to score high.

Pay special attention to favorite bets

Favorite bets mean the team with a higher rating and better odds of scoring in matches. Usually the symbols that identify the above bets are based on the odds offered by the house.

Low odds mean that team is weaker and vice versa. So most players choose to bet on the first goal.

Select a quality house, safe and secure

For the best results when betting on the first goal, we recommend that you choose a reputable bookmaker to join. The odds may be lower than other places but quality and reputation are the criteria that need to be guaranteed.


In this article, the W88 dealer has updated in detail for you what the first goal is and how to choose the easiest bet to win. Hope it helps a lot for everyone to be able to win more easily. Wish the gamers registered w88 have moments of fun entertainment and receive many gifts.
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