What is Jackpot? The most detailed guide on how to play W88 Jackpot

Because of the extremely high winning rate when playing directly in casinos or online casinos, Jackpot is loved by many players. However, what is Jackpot? Many players have been playing for a long time but still do not really understand its true nature. To be able to play more advanced and pour money into the market more accurately, it is imperative that players understand how to play and the most basic concepts. So to better understand W88 Jackpot , don’t ignore the sharing below.

What is Jackpot?

Jackpot – the familiar form of the game at the W88 house in particular and other online bookmakers in general. Simply put, that is the jackpot. Playing the jackpot is to put the accumulated bets and wait for the explosion to get the dynamic jackpot. The last winning player will receive the entire accumulated amount of the loser.

What is Jackpot?

Jackpot winning amount more or less will depend on the number of players. But most of the players who win the jackpot have huge prizes. It can even be up to hundreds of billions similar to the form of playing Vietlott in Vietnam.

Some popular W88 jackpot types

Jackpot is also a variation of Slots game in the red and black world. Currently, there are many different forms of jackpot play along with the prize size is also extremely high.

Local Jackpot (Local Jackpot)

The money of the casinos playing W88 Jackpot is calculated from the bets of the individual players in that casino. That is, bonuses are awarded from players only in specific casinos. And the winner is also one of the players of that casino. Therefore, the prize value will not be as high as other forms of jackpot play.

Network Jackpot 

An upgraded version of the Local jackpot is also known as the Bear Jackpot. With this form, the bonus will not be calculated in a specific casino anymore, but it will expand to many other casinos in the region or country. Therefore, the prize value is very great and there are many players participating.

This form of Network Jackpot appears not only in Slots games but also in many other types of reward games.. Such as lottery, scratch cards, board games…

Fixed jackpot (Fixed form)

The value of the prize the player receives in this form will not depend on the amount of the player participating in the bet. At the same time it does not depend on time.. Players will receive a fixed bonus if they win during the game.

Progressive Jackpot

The value of the prize the player receives will be accumulated from the money of all the losing players. After each bet, the amount will also increase. This means that the bet amount is cumulatively added to the prize when the player makes a deposit and spins the bonus. So, the more people play and the more they play, the bigger the bonus. And this is also the most popular form of jackpot play today because of its high reward value.

The variation of the progressive W88 Jackpot form is further subdivided into:

  • The stand – Alone Progressive jackpot: Bonuses cannot be accumulated from other linked slots.
  • The in-house Progressive jackpot: Bonuses accrued from other linked slots.
  • Progressive link: W88 jackpot type has the biggest bonus. Bonuses will be accumulated from the groups playing Slots.

W88 jackpot game rules

With this game genre there will be 5 rows, 3 columns divided into 15 cells and each box will contain an image. The cells are all set their own value and bet level for players to choose. After you have placed your bet, you will proceed to press the Spin button to spin the bonus.

After the spin stops, if there are three identical images from left to right in a horizontal row on the screen’s interface, you win. Depending on the number of images appearing on that row, the player’s bonus level is high or low.

Instructions to register to play jackpot at W88 easily 

Step 1: To play W88 Jackpot, you first need to register an account on the W88 house. Registration is very simple, you can access the official website or application of the house. Then fill in all the information on the required form of the house to complete the registration process.

Step 2: Upon successful account registration, you will have to make a deposit to your account to start playing. You can choose suitable deposit methods such as scratch cards, bank accounts, etc.

Step 3: When the deposit is complete, you can start choosing your favorite form of playing W88 Jackpot. Select the game and press Spin/Spin, wait for the result, and so on until one player wins.

 With the above sharing, hopefully you can understand specifically what W88 Jackpot is  and how to play it. Diverse game forms, huge prizes, simple game rules. In order not to miss any new updates of this form of play, do not forget to visit W88.

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