W88 Lottery Keno – Revealing how to play lottery keno at w88

Keno lottery is currently a playground that many brothers are interested in. In particular, keno W88 is a popular game that is sought after by many brothers. However, as a new brother, you may not have understood the rules of this game. Is it difficult to play lottery keno at w88? What is the odds of winning, is it very high? To get the most detailed answer, please read the following article content.

A brief introduction to the W88 lottery keno game

Keno is a famous lottery game that originated in China. Keno has a total of 80 marbles and has been pre-numbered in sequence from 1 to 80. In which there will be 20 Keno marbles that will be randomly selected by the dealer. Your task is to bet on those 20 and win the bet. When the number of bets is the same as the dealer. On the contrary, you will lose when the number of marbles bet is different from the house offered.

A brief introduction to the W88 lottery keno game

Detailed and specific instructions on how to play Keno W88

How to play lottery keno is not too difficult if you follow the following steps:

Step 1: Create an account at w88

Before you start betting, you must make sure you have a playing account at the W88 house. If you are a new brother, it is easy for you to create an account here by following the link: register w88.

Step 2: Deposit money into your account

After you have owned a private account at the W88 house, you need to make a deposit. Only then can you practice betting on keno at W88. Here will help you many deposit methods for you to choose the most optimal.

Step 3: Play keno at W88 directly

When successfully logging in to your account at W88, on the homepage configuration, there will be a “Lotto” category. Please click on that position and select “Lotto Keno”. Here, w88 will support more trial play for newcomers to test. With this utility, you can draw more playing experiences for yourself. After you have somewhat understood how to play, you should join betting on keno.

Popular types of bets at keno W88

Actually, online keno is similar to playing the traditional lottery. However, the difference is that for how to play W88 keno is the difference in bet types. So how do you play the bets? Please refer to w88.

About over/under bets

For over/under bets, the number of points calculated will depend on the total score of 20 marbles. The house system allows random draw. When the total score is greater than 810, it is considered over and less than 810 is considered under.

About even/odd bets

Even/odd bets in Keno will be settled according to the last digit on the total of the 20 drawn numbers. The probability bet is 1.95 taking advantage of both odd and even totals.

Odd, Draw or Even bets

This type of bet usually occurs with 3 situations as below:

  • When out of all 20 numbers drawn, more than 10 numbers are received as odd. Now you bet on odd numbers will win with odds of 2.3.
  • When 20 numbers are drawn and there are more than 10 even numbers, the bet brother is the one who chooses the even number. The odds of winning the house decided are 2.3.
  • Special situations with 10 odd and 10 even numbers are counted as tie bets with odds of 4.3.

Over – Draw – Under Bets

How to bet this lottery keno is understood as below:

  • Bet on if the total of 20 numbers drawn is more than 10 numbers between 1 and 40.
  • Bet under if the total of 20 numbers drawn is more than 10 between 41 and 80.
  • The tie is calculated when there are 10 numbers between 1 and 40 and 10 numbers between 41 and 80.

About the Pearl bet

When you join the Jade Ball bet. Then you will be able to choose from 1 to 5 numbers and range from 1 to 80.

  • If you choose 5 numbers and win all, you will receive a huge amount of money. It will be 251 times the first bet.
  • And if you only win 4 of the 5 numbers, you will only receive a bonus of 21 times the first bet.
  • If you hit 3 numbers out of 5 selected numbers, you will get 3 times your original bet.
  • In the event that you only hit 1 or 2 numbers, the house will count you as losing in that bet.

As such, the above article has shared the most specific way to play W88 lottery Keno for your reference. Hopefully, through this, you will have a lot of experience to know more about the types of Keno bets. Quickly register to become a W88 member to enjoy the most attractive games.

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