Share your new experience in betting, which bet is easy to win?

When you are new to betting, which bet should you choose to win easily? This is a question that most people are interested in today. Because when participating in betting, everyone does not have to know how to bet to win against the house. Because many brothers have to consider and analyze the odds and appropriate tactics. In the following against W88YOU.VIP will help you learn about the easiest bet to make money.

New to betting should choose what is easy to win?

Currently, on the bookmakers, there are 3 main types of bets: European, Asian and Over-Under. According to the experience of experts, the European handicap is the easiest bet to win. Moreover, this is also quite a popular bet and anyone should not ignore it in the form of online betting.

Betting on what is the easiest bet to win?

In fact, professional bettors will often choose the Asian handicap because it has an additional handicap. This will ensure maximum fairness for each type of rafters you participate in. But for newbies, you should join the European rafters because they are simple and the reward rate is extremely high.

Instructions on how to read European bets

For European bets, it will be displayed in the column section corresponding to 1×2 on online betting sites. Players do not need to choose the handicap like the Asian handicap and there is only one type of handicap. Then you just need to spend money and bet on 1 of 3 outcomes: Win, draw or lose. The winning amount is also specified by the house on the previous table.

With this bet, you also have to spend time and effort to gather information around the team. At the same time, you must always follow the situation and developments of that football match. But the important thing is that you need to put all your faith in the team that bet from the beginning.
It is best to pay attention to which team will win in official time. Moreover, the odds of winning each bet are relatively high. Therefore, you should consider carefully before choosing 1 of the 3. But European rafters are still the best choice for new players. Because the risk of this bet is not as high as the Asian handicap.

The best European betting experience

After you know how to bet on what is the easiest to win, you should learn some online football betting experiences below:

Bet at the right time

Besides considering the bets should choose what is the easiest to win, you must know how to bet correctly. You should check the bets from the night before the match when the house has just launched the bet. The best time is around 4-5pm and what you need to do is visit the web regularly so as not to miss the fragrant match.

Avoid the house trap

Usually, the reputable bookmakers are the places where the most football experts gather. Therefore, if you do not have enough experience, it is difficult for you to win for yourself. The most important thing is that you should conduct a thorough examination at this time. Because once you know the information fully, your winning rate will increase significantly.

Bet on the team’s cycle

This is also a betting experience you need to save besides betting on what is easy to win. Because the strategies have been applied by many professional players, and at the same time bring a high win rate for themselves. This also means that you must clearly understand the information, biography, head-to-head record … of those two teams.

Some notes when choosing an easy-to-win bet

Once you have chosen an easy-to-win bet, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Choose a reputable bookie: This is something that anyone must do before participating in betting. Because this will help you minimize the situation of being scammed or scammed.
Limit following the crowd: The crowd effect will sometimes make you fall into a state of nothingness. Therefore, players should only use the answers of many people for reference purposes, not listen completely.
Know how to manage your capital: Set a limit for each of your bets. Because playing football betting is not only for fun but it also greatly affects your pocket. You should plan how much to play a day, if you reach that level, then stop playing. This will help you secure your capital in the long run.


In the article, W88YOU.VIP helped you find out which bets should be chosen the easiest to win. In general, if you are a newbie without too much experience, the European bet is the perfect choice for you. Because of the simple reading, the reward rate is extremely high.