King of Fishing W88 – Instructions on how to play quickly

Fishing of King W88 is one of the games with extremely high appeal. This game is increasingly attracting a large number of bettors to participate in betting. To better understand this fascinating fishing game. The following article of W88 will detail for your reference about the king of fishing game.

Overview of the king of fishing W88

The game of fishing king W88 is also known by many players as Fishing Master. This is a real money shooting game that attracts many players with vivid, eye-catching images and huge rewards. This product is released by MD Online Corporation and provides players with 2 versions on computers and mobile apps. With the computer version, you can play directly, but with the mobile app, players need to download the game according to the instructions of the W88 dealer.

The player’s task in this game is the same as other real money shooting fish games. That is, you will use weapons such as guns, bullets and features to destroy fish and creatures in front of your sights and then exchange rewards for coins. The more fish a player can shoot, the higher the number of coins will be.

In addition, the plus point in the W88 fishing king game is to provide you with 4 different weapons. Along with the levels and great destructive ability to mention such as: normal guns, penetrating guns, multi-target guns, fast-firing guns.

However, players need to be careful when using it because with guns with higher features, it will be easier to shoot big fish, but the larger the amount of money exchanged to buy. For example, piercing guns cost 5000 gold to buy, multi-target guns players have to spend 20000 gold to buy….

Overview of the king of fishing W88

Rules when playing King of Fishing W88

Compared to other online betting game genres, W88 Fishing King game has a quite simple way to play. You just need to use your weapons and aim and shoot the fish swimming in the middle of the lake. However, before proceeding to play this game, players also need to understand the following rules.

Basic gameplay

According to the instructions for playing W88, for this online King of Fishing game, players will not need to learn too carefully how to play, but mainly equip the fishing skills that you have. After equipping the gun, you will press directly and continuously on the target until the fish is defeated, you will receive a bonus coin.

With King of Fishing, depending on each Level in each playroom, you will be able to upgrade your gun accordingly. The more creatures you shoot in the ocean, the more money the player receives. With some species with extremely high scores, you will need to equip a cannon to be able to defeat them.

Scoreboard for each type of fish

Each fish species will have a different score, in the Apprentice Room usually appear small fish with lower scores and easier to destroy. In large rooms like Advanced or Master, sea creatures will have higher scores such as turtles x90, dragons with bonus x300 or squid x150 times.

Features in King of Fishing W88

A special feature of the game King of Fishing is equipped with additional features to support players better shooting fish, some of the features must be mentioned as follows:

  • Automatic firing mode: You just need to move the barrel, the bullet will automatically shoot at the target.
  • Target lock feature: After the player aims at the right target, the gun will shoot and move the barrel according to the fish.
  • Freeze: The fish will be frozen and stop moving for a period of 10 seconds, each time you use it, you will lose 300 coins.
  • Set the pump: Bombing fish makes it easy for players to destroy many different types of fish without having to target each one.
  • Energy Cannon: When you hit a fish, the player will be able to be given this energy cannon. The function of the cannon helps you get double the available points of the fish.

Experience playing W88 fishing king from masters

Players when participating in the experience of the king of fishing at W88 need to equip some of the following experiences:

  • Choose the right gun: In the W88 fishing king game , there are many different types of guns. Depending on the amount and each type of fish to choose for you including large guns and suitable small guns.
  • Do not ignore the small fish: Many brothers believe that the big fish are worth playing and bring big bonuses. It is this thought that makes you miss the opportunity to get rich in this game. Instead, if you do not have much experience in marketing, players should focus on shooting small fish to accumulate points. Then use it to buy more and better weapons. That way you will increase your chances of making money.
  • Equip shooting skills: Although fishing is a simple game, to shoot many types of fish, players need certain skills. This will help you improve your ability to shoot more big fish.

The above content has provided details about the W88 fishing king game. Wish players have moments of extremely happy fishing experience. Don’t forget to subscribe to w88 to receive the best information.

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