W88 Darts – Simple Darts Betting at W88

The sport of throwing darts is increasingly popular and is included in online bookies. You want to participate in W88 darts betting but don’t know how to participate? So follow the article of W88 you , share the most useful information about this betting genre.

Learn about W88 darts betting

Playing darts is becoming a very popular sport in many countries around the world. Therefore, many online bookies have put darts in one of the online betting categories.

In particular, the W88 house cannot ignore this interesting sport. Nowadays, all you need is a smartphone or laptop with an internet connection. Being able to experience playing W88 darts betting easily,

Each darts game will have two players participating. The player’s task is to bet on who will be the winner. Besides, bettors can also predict how many sets the match will have.

Learn about W88 darts betting

The rules of throwing darts are simple and easy to understand

To be able to participate in W88 darts betting , you need to understand the rules of this subject. This is a sport that was born quite early. This sport is also honored to participate in world congresses and sports Olympics. The rules for betting on darts are very simple and easy to understand.

The darts in this sport will be made of metal, they are pointed. The fuselage is made heavier to stabilize the flight direction. The target part is made of a wooden board. They will have concentric circles and are also called Dartboards.

According to the rules, the participant’s task is to throw the dart into the wooden board. If you throw it correctly, the player will get 100 points.

If you hit the dart into the blue box, the player will receive 50 points. The white box gets 20 points, the red box you get 30 points. If you jump into the black box, it means that the player does not get any points.

Types of bets on throwing darts at the W88 bookie

Like other types of betting, darts betting will have many forms for you to bet. Here are some of the most common darts at this W88 dealer.

Parity bets

For parity bets, you will not need to care about which side wins. But only add points by inning or by match. This bet is a bet that the player will predict whether the total number of points and the two possible opponents will be odd or even.


Handicap in W88 darts is a bet that you bet on who you believe will win. After receiving the bet order, the W88 house will analyze and give handicap odds.

You just need to choose the upper or lower door to place a bet. Total points will be based on the whole match or each half to calculate the reward for everyone.

Over/Under Bets

Over/Under bet is a form chosen by many players both in W88 darts betting . For this bet, the bookie will make a prediction. See how both opponents total in half time or full time.

For player bets, your task will be to analyze the total score of 2 teams. See if they have a lower or higher probability than the dealer offers. If the prediction is correct, you will get a big bonus from the house through betting.

How to calculate money when playing darts betting at W88

For some simple W88 darts bets. Normally, the bet on darts will be calculated based on the following simple formula:

Winnings = Bet Amount x Darts Odds.

Particularly for Over/Under or handicap bets when a tie appears. Then the player will get the original bet amount back.

Take part in a simple darts bet at W88

If you do not have the conditions to participate in darts directly. Then you can play W88 darts bet online. Is a brand new type of betting with an extremely attractive and unique dart game.

The matches between the masters throwing darts are held every day around the world. The W88 bookie is a very complete and detailed place to update darts tournaments big and small. You can place bets in just 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: First, players need to register for W88 and log in to the house.
  • Step 2: Then you choose Sports >>> Click on a-Sports/e-Sports >>> Scroll down to options >>> Finally click on Throw Darts.
  • Step 3: Players proceed to select Match >>> Select odds >>> Choose the amount you want to bet >>> Finally proceed to bet.

Hopefully with the above article, you will have a better understanding of W88 darts . This is a very unique and new type of betting. That’s why you guys join to play right at W88 to receive the most attractive offers!

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