Play Martingale in football – How to play effectively

Playing Martingale in football is currently one of the forms of betting that is being chosen by many betting players. The reason that this way of fighting is attracting a lot of brothers is probably the practical application and solidity. When applying this way of playing, no matter how many times you lose, you will still win with only 1 time. Let’s go with W88 to find out what the concept of playing martingale in football is through the article below.

What is play martingale in football?

Playing Martingale in football is a form of betting that originated in France in the early 18th century. All bettors will surely know this method of martingale bets. Currently, this form of betting is being applied by many players and brings very high efficiency. Currently, this form of martingale bet can be applied to all red and black betting games.

What is play martingale in football?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing martingale in football?

As mentioned earlier, this is a very efficient bet and you are unlikely to lose your bet. Of course, you have to make sure you have enough capital and football knowledge.

What are the advantages of playing martingale bets?

  • Helping players minimize losses.
  • Capital will be divided into small parts, this helps players to easily manage and control the amount of capital.
  • The odds of winning when folding bets are very high, it is almost impossible for players to lose their bets unless they run out of capital.

Disadvantages of playing martingale bets

  • This form of betting is not suitable for players with a small amount of capital. Playing Martingale is a type of hit that is all-or-nothing, but it is easier to play and easier to hit. That’s why the more capital you have, the higher the profit.
  • The longer the playing martingale games, the lower the profit will be. I agree that you can debug from many previous losses with 1 quick hit. But keep in mind a note that: when you lose too much, you will end up breaking even, not profiting.
  • To be able to play this way, it requires players to have for themselves a huge amount of capital, to be able to play martingale until they win. If the initial investment amount, the player should not apply this evaluation formula.

How to hit fast in football effectively

After we understand what a play martingale in football is, then let’s go with W88 to learn how to play. Remember to follow the notes and guidelines. When you do, you just need to apply the following tactics to get positive results:

  • Bet level 1: For this initial bet, the player should proceed to place a bet depending on the amount of capital he has. For example, you proceed to bet $ 10 for the first time, if you win, the next game will continue to bet $ 10, but if you lose, you should switch to betting on level 2.
  • Level 2: This level applies when the player has lost the first bet, accordingly, you have lost 10$. At this level 2, you will still bet on that door but will bet twice as much as bet 1, ie you will bet 20$, if you win, you will return to level 1. If you lose, you Continue to move to level 3.
  • Bet level 3: This bet level applies when the player loses the bet at level 2, accordingly when losing consecutively at bets 1 and 2, you have lost an amount of $ 30. Therefore, if you want to get your lost money back, you need to bet $ 40 for the next time. If you win, you return to bet 1, if you lose, proceed to bet 4.
  • Bet level 4: Apply when the player has lost the bet at level 3, accordingly with 3 losing bets you have lost $ 70. Therefore, if you want to get your excess capital back, you need to bet $ 80. If you win the bet, then go back to bet 1. And if you lose, you proceed to place a play martingale bet in football for the next bets.

Note : As you can see, this is a safe bet method and it can yield positive results. However, this way of playing obviously requires a lot of capital to avoid the worst-case scenario. If you lose money, you need to draw some betting experience at that time.


Above we have shared to the information about what is a play martingale in football . Hope this article will help you to gather useful knowledge for yourself about this method of playing. Just understand this strategy well, then you Register W88 and bet will earn very high profits.

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