What is w88 handball? The secret to betting on handball is easy to win

Handball is a sport that is a bit strange to people in Vietnam. However, for those who bet, they are too familiar because of the attractiveness of this subject. So what is W88 handball ? Please also follow the following content of W88 to understand the details of this sports game.

What is W88 handball?

Handball, also known with an English name is Handball. This is considered a competitive sport. Each handball team will have 7 people, including 1 goalkeeper and 6 players. The goal of each team is to try to throw the ball into the opponent’s goal within the allotted time. The team that throws more successfully than the opponent will win.

Each match of handball will have 4 innings, each half lasts about 30 minutes. If both teams tie, there will be 2 extra periods, each of which will last 5 minutes. If the two teams are still tied in extra time, there will be a penalty shootout similar to football.

What is the W88 handball?

According to the rules of handball, a player cannot hold the ball for more than 3 seconds. At the same time, the player holding the ball will not be allowed to run more than 3 meters. Players in handball will have the right to pass the ball to teammates and dribble the ball. However, do not steal the ball from the opponent’s hand. Moreover, do not jump up or have any action to push the opponent.

Currently, there are many bookies offering attractive handball betting forms. In which, the W88 house is a leading game portal that offers betting on this sport. So, you can have a clear understanding of what W88 handball is .

What is the W88 handball betting rules?

After learning briefly about what W88 handball is, to participate in betting, players need to understand the following rules:

  • A handball game is played for 60 to 70 minutes. So the odds are only in that period.
  • If a handball match is postponed for 12 hours then all bets will be void.
  • The relocation of the venue also causes bets to change to new odds and cancel all old ones.
  • The W88 bookie offers a lot of odds for you to choose from such as: European Odds, Malay Odds, Hong Kong Odds or Indo Odds. You need to choose the odds that suit your playing strategy.
  • Special situations such as: yellow card, red card, penalty, goal, etc. will also have a direct effect on the handling of the house system, if you bet has not been successful, the house will cancel the bet immediately.
  • For “Mercy Law” matches, the player’s bet will still be considered valid. At the same time, the calculation of winning or losing is based on the results at that time.

What are the W88 handball bets?

Players participating in handball at W88 can bet in the following forms:

  • Bet on winning team: in each round, you only need to bet on the team that you think will score higher, as well as being able to win that match.
  • 1st Half Winner Bet: You will bet on which team will take the lead in the 1st half.
  • Handicap: Players will rely on the inherent strength of the two handball teams that the house will offer a handicap. You will rely on your understanding of those two teams to bet on the handicap that the player thinks is the most reasonable.
  • Player will score first on the team: for this bet, the player needs to make sure he has a relatively deep understanding of some of the players on the handball team.

There are also many other types of W88 handball betting such as over and under, bets on how many times the handball team will make substitutions, bets on which player will commit how many fouls, parlay bets, etc.

What is the secret to playing easily to win W88 handball?

After having a better understanding of what the W88 handball bets are ? Please follow the following content to grasp some experience of playing this sport.

  • Understanding and analyzing information about the upcoming handball match is something that any player who wants to win must do. From there, you can know which bets will bring the possibility of winning for you.
  • Knowing to stop at the right time is a skill that needs to be practiced by any bettor. When losing a lot, players should stop to relax so that they can analyze which bet is more accurate.
  • Players need to have an understanding of how to put down money, as well as how to use capital appropriately, to be able to bet long-term in this handball game.
  • Knowing good psychological control will help you increase your winning probability by more than 50% in each match.

The entire information above has provided details about what W88 handball is . Hurry up and register for W88 to experience this attractive and interesting handball betting.

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