W88 policy – ​​What bettors need to know when betting

To join W88 in the safest way, you must know the house’s policies and regulations. So what are the policies of w88 ? Do these policies have anything to be aware of? If you want to know, let’s find out the rules of W88 in the most detail.

W88’s policy – ​​privacy policy

W88 policy – ​​privacy policy is the most important policy of the house. It shows the prestige of W88 and helps W88 protect the interests of bettors. The provisions of the W88 privacy policy are:

  • Bettors are required to carefully read the W88 game company’s privacy policy before participating in the registration. When finished reading, players must agree to these terms of service to participate in the registration.
  • The information that bettors provide to W88 is only used by the house with your consent.
  • When confirming the terms of registration, the W88 dealer and the player default to an implicit agreement. Those are agreements according to W88’s regulations on transactions, suppliers, payment gateways, etc.
  • Customer care department will contact the player through the channels that the player provides to the house.
  • When changing the privacy policy, W88 will immediately notify the player.
  • W88 house may decide to stop / lock the account of participating bettors. Provided that the player has violated the regulations that W88 has made an appointment with the bettor.
  • W88 reserves the right to disclose player information for financial and payment purposes.

W88's policy – ​​privacy policy

W88 Policy – ​​Betting Terms

Another important W88 policy is the betting terms. Players need to comply with the commitment to comply with the following regulations:

  • Players who want to participate in W88 need to be at least 18 years old. Because only when you reach the age of 18 can you be your own boss and take responsibility for your behavior. If the player is underage and still participates, the game will be restricted from participating.
  • The house will actively notify the program to the player via the account. Players need to read these notices carefully when participating to avoid misunderstandings and violations of the rules.
  • If players have anything they do not understand, please contact W88 for answers.
  • If a player acts harmfully to another player, the player will be penalized.

Withdrawal/Deposit mechanism and promotions

To join W88, withdrawal, deposit and promotion policies should also be taken care of.

W88 Policy – ​​Withdrawal and Deposit

Regarding withdrawal and deposit, players need to use exactly 1 of the following 8 currencies: USD, VND, RMB, IDR, KRW, MYR, THB and JPY. Gamers will assume responsibility for exchange rate differences if depositing in foreign currency.

Players need to make sure to use the correct registered currency. From the end of registration, bettors cannot change the currency.

W88 Policy – ​​Promotion

Only valid accounts can participate in W88 promotion. Each player’s personal account is only allowed to participate in 1 promotion / 1 promotion.

If a player needs to receive a promotion, it must be verified by W88 before accepting it.

The above are all the most important provisions of the w88 policy . You must really understand and follow these policies if you don’t want to be penalized. If you need support, contact W88 immediately to receive a satisfactory answer. 

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