Ways to catch the second touch for newcomers with W88

Lotto Online is currently one of the games that attracts a lot of attention and attention from everyone. Because the gameplay is extremely easy, the payback rate is extremely high and the results are transparent and clear. This article of W88 will tell you in detail how to catch the second touch when playing Lotto online.

  1. What is the way to play catch the second touch for newbies?
It can be said that the second method of catching the second touch is a quite popular way when playing Lotto online. The way to catch the second touch is not too complicated because the player only needs to choose a certain number from 0-9. This way of playing is said to be quite suitable for new players to join. Therefore, the first time you play Lotto online can use this method to get familiar with the game.
On the other hand, many players when placing Lotto bets often bet on emotions and without any strategy. And just relying on this luck only increases your risk of losing the bet. Therefore, the way to catch the second touch can help you increase your chances of winning by more than 70%.

Advantages and disadvantages of the second touch method

Any method when playing betting has two certain advantages and disadvantages. Below, W88 will analyze for you the pros and cons of this second touch method of catching.

How to catch second touch for newbies with W88
how to catch second touch for newbies with W88


For the second touch way of catching, players can quickly find a certain number. Each bet, he is only allowed to choose 8 numbers to increase the probability of winning up to 70%. Thus, if you play in a second-touch style. Lotto results will draw 2 matching numbers in a sequence of 8 numbers chosen by the player to win.


However, the way of catching the second touch post also has a pretty big drawback. That is the appearance of pairs of double numbers. For example, the pairs of numbers: 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99, you will not be able to win.

A few things to keep in mind when catching the second touch

When choosing to play Lotto online in the second touch way, you need to pay attention to a few issues as follows:

  • This way of playing is said to be very suitable for newcomers due to its simplicity. Therefore, anyone who joins for the first time can easily access and experience it more easily. The method of catching post-secondary is extremely simple, you just need to choose the numbers from 0 to 9.
  • When choosing numbers, it is advisable to exclude pairs of numbers like: 00, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99. Because double numbers are the biggest drawback of post-binary capture. . Because if you choose these pairs of numbers, you will not be able to win.
  • You need to know in detail how to determine when the result will pass out the pairs of doubles. If you find that the possibility of a double draw is high, you should not participate in the bet.

Effective post-second touch tips

The way to catch the second touch when playing Lotto online is divided into many different playing methods. Each method gives the player certain chances of winning. Therefore, you need to know how to flexibly use these playing methods when participating in online Lotto to achieve the highest efficiency. Specifically, the methods when playing catch the second touch are as follows:

Method of choosing numbers to discard

To know exactly which numbers should be dropped when preparing to bet Lotto online. You are forced to pay attention and observe carefully the results appear in 3 rows, respectively hundreds, tens and units. Often the numbers that are eliminated are called khan numbers, these are all numbers that have a relatively low frequency of returning.
To be able to follow this post-second touch effectively, you need to observe the statistics table of online Lotto results. Once observed and discovered the numbers if not appearing after 5 cycles of rotation are exactly anhydrous numbers. You need to remove these numbers from the set of numbers you are going to play.
In addition, you also need to note, if the number 9 or 0 has appeared in the last 5 periods. Then the possibility that the results of the next period will fall into these two children can be up to nearly 80%, if it goes to 9, it will fall to 0 and vice versa.

Method based on Parity – Over/under of the previous period

This is an effective way of catching the post-two poles that is applied by many bettors. Specifically are:

  • If it is Tai, you should choose dozens of the second, 5-6-7-8-9. If it is Under then choose the numbers 0-1-2-3-4. Then, combine with the number in the units row of the previous spin to get the numbers to play in this period.
  • Besides, you can also apply this play to the case where the odd newspaper removes even numbers or the even newspaper removes odd numbers.
  • Based on the last 2 online Lotto draws, if any pair of explosive numbers match, you can also use that same pair of numbers to catch the second hand.


Thus, the above article of W88 has shared with you the best information about how to catch the second touch. Do not forget to register for W88 to participate in online Lotto and receive many attractive offers at the house.
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