3-Way Handicap bets – Experience always winning

Football betting is the most attractive subject to many players at the bookies. Currently, bookmakers offer a variety of odds and bet levels. In particular, the 3-way handicap bets is chosen by many brothers because it brings many advantages to players. To better understand the 3-way handicap, let’s go to W88 to find out more details through the article below.

Overview of 3-way handicap bets

3-way handicap bets is a new odds, combining Asian and European markets. European handicap has only 2 bets, Asian handicap only handicaps goals at odd odds such as: ¼; ½; ¾. The 3-way handicap will have up to 3 doors: the upper door, the tie, and the lower door. Handicap goals will also be even made: 1; 2; 3; 4. Players can choose the betting time is the 1st half or 2nd half or the whole match. However, some bookies will not count overtime, extra time and penalty shootouts.

For example: The home team Real Madrid and the away team Barcelona in the Champions League tournament. Players who choose to bet Real Madrid (+2) bet 100,000 VND with a win rate of 2.2. The following situations occur:

  • Real Madrid won the match with a 2 goal difference against Barcelona, ​​for example 4-1. The player wins the bet, the bonus amount will be: 220,000 VND.
  • Real Madrid lost the match by 2 goals to Barcelona, ​​for example 2-0. Players tie the bet, get back 100,000 VND bet.
  • Real Madrid lose or draw Barcelona, ​​for example 1-2 or 2-2. Player loses bet, loses 100,000 VND bet.

Note when playing 3-way handicap bets

The advantage of 3-way handicap bets is that there are more doors for players to choose from. However, it is only really easy to play for experienced players. Therefore, players when choosing this bet need to carefully consider the scores.

If you are playing this game for the first time, please refer to the experience below.

Know the information of the two teams

Capturing the information of the two teams is a very necessary thing that every brother must do before playing the 3-way handicap bets in particular and the remaining bets in general. Information such as: home team, away team, starting lineup, position on the rankings, recent matches, etc. is important knowledge from which to help you make a judgment about which team is likely to be win higher.

In addition, you can also refer to some pre-match betting articles. Most of these articles are free and the probability of winning is up to 50%.

Pay attention to the odds

Do not choose matches with too much difference. Because currently, some bookies offer 3-way handicap bets in the form of example bets, these odds are extremely high. The player thinks that this bet will win, but the result will be completely opposite.

If you find that the upper team can overwhelmingly win against the bottom team, then you should choose the upper door. In case, two teams have no difference in strength, give priority to choosing the lower door teams.

Combine other bets

In addition to choosing 3-way handicap bets , players can also combine bets with other markets such as Asian rafters , European rafters, over and under, etc. Once there is information about the two teams, combining more rafters has can help you earn more bonuses.

Choose a reputable playground

As mentioned earlier about the bets, most of the bets come from low-quality, fraudulent bookmakers. Some bookmakers also interfere with the odds of bettors, the number of one-stop bettors is surprisingly high. The purpose is to attract players to bet on that door.

Therefore, players should carefully consider choosing a reputable bookmaker to bet. However, pay attention to the rules of the game and the payout ratio because each house will have a different way.

If you come to W88 football betting , you will not need to worry about prestige and quality issues. This house ensures transparency and gives players the best experience.

Financial plan

The most important betting game is still the personal finances of each person. Players with a lot of money will usually choose large bets, players with less capital will choose small bets. In order not to lose empty-handed after a few times of playing, players should have a clear financial plan. Maybe, set a goal, achieve the goal, then stop betting to ensure capital and bonus.

Moreover, players should bet small bonuses for the first time to gain experience and find the right playstyle for them. For the next time apply and improve your chances of winning.


The content mentioned on the article is information related to 3-way handicap bets . Hopefully, after reading the article, you will pocket for yourself how to play and the necessary experience. Wish you guys watch football entertainment and success when betting. Register W88 to receive more useful information sharing. 

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