What is 8 Ball Pool W88? How to play the game?

Currently, online sports betting is being enjoyed by many gamers. Because of the attraction and fun along with the extremely high reward rate when winning. For the W88 house, it is not inferior to other online bookies. They are still constantly improving their game system to serve players in the best way. Recently, the 8 Ball Pool W88 sport has been launched to the W88 player community. So what is 8 Ball Pool W88 ? How does it play? Let’s find out in the article below.

What is Game 8 Ball Pool W88? 

8 Ball Pool W88 is a billiards game released by a famous Swiss game developer – Miniclip. A technology corporation specializing in simulation sports game genres ranked 7th on the worldwide rankings.

What is Game 8 Ball Pool W88?

More specifically, this is a game that simulates billiards, first launched in 2010. Supports players on all operating systems from iOS to Android and Web browsers. This is considered the type of game that is very popular on both PC and mobile systems. 8 Ball Pool has confirmed its position in the game market through very respectable statistics. More than 100 million downloads installed and is one of the legendary sports games on PC.

Instructions on how to play 8 Ball Pool W88 basic

Maybe this is a subject that is not too strange in reality, but when playing at online bookies. In order to provide players with the most exciting and exciting game world possible, some bookies will add some new features.

What are the features to grasp when playing Pool W88?

  • Online game mode: With this game requires players to have an internet connection to be able to start playing. So, you can connect, exchange with new friends…. The game does not have an online chat feature with an opponent, but the system will program some questions and answers.
  • In-game mode: You can choose 1 vs 1 mode or you can choose to participate in the professional tournament mode. For 1v1 mode, there are two ways to play. When the member account is successfully logged in, if you have a friend to play with, you can send an invitation to play at the same table. Otherwise, you will be randomly paired with another player due to the self-matching system.

With the professional tournament mode, you and other gamers will be randomly matched. If you win, you will continue to play in the next round and the level of play will gradually increase. If you win, you will have the opportunity to receive a huge bonus.

  • Store items: When participating in the game, each win you win will be paid to you, so you can use that money to buy necessary items when playing.
  • Details of how to play 8 Ball Pool game at W88

    Before participating in the match, players need to place their bets, each room will have a different bet level. If the player wins, the player will get back the entire amount that the rest of the players bet. Otherwise, you will lose the entire amount if you lose. In this game, the player’s bet will be converted into coins, with new members the house will give you a certain number of coins to participate in betting.

    The rules of the game do not change much from reality, all are based on the international law of playing white balls to put colored balls into the hole. If you hit at least one colored ball into the hole, you will win the right to continue. But note that the black ball number 8 must be kept until the end of the game, if in the middle of the game this ball falls into the hole before the rest, it will immediately lose that game. That is, you will have to hit the balls from 1 -7 or 9-15 in turn.

    For new players who are not familiar with the games, they can choose a trial mode to practice with the system. Once mastered, switch to play mode with other players.

  • What is the tip to become a professional gamer in 8 Ball Pool W88?

    • Avoid making mistakes when playing: Hit the balls of other colors into the hole first instead of hitting the black ball 8. Timed to hit because some players forgot to keep track of the allotted time, resulting in the right to the opponent.
    • Choose the right club: The game has a lot of different features, so use the money to invest in the right features to increase your chances of winning. For example, invest in a club, because the club and power along with a good line of sight will certainly make your spin much more effective.
    • Choose a game mode that suits your ability: The game will start at the most basic level, then unlock for gamers to level up. High-end tables will definitely have more valuable rewards than low-end tables. But the rule that the opponent also becomes more difficult, and at the same time, you have to bet more money when playing at a high level.

    All the information shared above, hope it can help you understand what is Pool W88? Don’t forget to sign up for W88 if you want to have an enjoyable experience with 8 Ball Pool W88 to the fullest and look for opportunities to challenge with professional players.

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