[HOT] Summary of what you need to know about bet on two team to score

In the world, there are hundreds of thousands of large and small football tournaments held every year. Therefore, the online football betting market is increasingly popular and known by many people. There are many types of bets offered by bookmakers to serve everyone’s needs, including bet on two team to score. So let’s find out this interesting form of betting with W88 in the following article.

Find out what is the concept of bet on two team to score

Both teams to score, also known as Both teams to score, is a popular bet that is quite easy to play at the bookie. To win this bet, each team needs to score at least one goal or more, regardless of the match score.

This type of bet has a yes or no option.

  • Yes: Both teams must score in the official match.
  • No: Bet on either team not to score a goal.

Unlike other types of bets, two-team bets do not care about which team wins like European bets, nor do they care about the total number of goals like over and under, even less interested in Asian handicaps but only interested in the scoring ability of the two teams. This has attracted a large number of people to choose the two teams to score together.

Find out what is the concept of bet on two team to score

Sorting two teams to score

This way of playing is very interesting and players can choose specific bets as follows:

What is the odds of two teams scoring in the first half?

Both teams score goals is a regular occurrence in football matches. Both teams will score in the first half as the name implies, everyone will bet in the first half whether the two teams will score the same goal or not.

And of course, the time limit is only counted in the official 45 minutes of the match, plus injury time. This bet is quite potential because this is when the players are having a lot of energy and the attacking ability is very strong.

What is the 2nd half goal score?

If both teams score in the second half, the chances of winning will be higher. If in the first half you observe the ability of the two teams to play with the coach’s tactics, the second half judgment will be more accurate. Usually in the first half, focusing on defending a lot, in the second half, the teams will play more open to score and win.

What is a full-time bet?

Full-time bets play the same way, everyone will make predictions during the whole match. If the final result of the match is 0-0 then, those who choose to bet “no” will receive money from the house.

What is the experience of play betting on teams to score?

There are many brothers asking W88 what is the way to bet on both teams to score and always win, where is the secret. To be able to answer these questions and get your hands on the bonus, get rich in the football industry, players must have a lot of knowledge about this subject and the odds.

Conduct a bet

For accurate betting, players must know how to collect and analyze information related to the match they are watching. Specifically like:

  • The ranking positions of the two teams that I am about to bet on are on the league tables and international rankings.
  • Head-to-head history of the two teams in the most recent period.
  • The most recent form of the two teams, the percentage of winning or losing the match is more.
  • Are there any key players in the starting lineups of the two teams, any injuries or penalties?
  • Other information such as fan support, weather conditions, political situation between the two countries, etc.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

Players should pay attention to the position of the two teams on the house’s odds table. These fluctuations will show how the bookie perceives the upcoming match. The house has a team of experienced bettors. So players can be assured of the odds offered.

Reasonable betting money management

When a player makes a door selection, the chance of winning will be 70%. In the case of choosing the correct amount of bets corresponding to each bet. You can increase your winnings up to 80-90%. It means that players are never afraid of losing in consecutive games.

Don’t let your psyche be influenced by the crowd

You should stay mentally strong and not let the majority influence the decision. This is the secret to betting on two teams that always win and is shared by many people. Based on the information that you have, players should confidently make informed betting decisions that will bring them victory.

What is the note when betting on two teams to score?

There are only two options of yes or no for two teams to score and people can also bet on the whole match, either in the 1st half or in the 2nd half. The odds of winning will be based on the bookie offer respectively. If a match is abandoned when both teams have scored then all your bets will stand. On the other hand, if the match is postponed but 1 or both teams have not scored, the bet will be void.


In the above article, we have summarized in detail what the bet on two teams to score are and what to keep in mind when playing this bet. Hopefully, when you refer to this article, you will register for W88 and choose for yourself the most suitable and easiest bet to win.

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