What is corner kick bets? Currently, the types of corners are popular

What is corner kick bets? When to use corner bets to get the desired effect. What are the most popular types of corner bets today? Those are the questions that many players are interested in and posed. All of these content will be shared by us in detail through the content of the article below.

What is corner kick bets?

Corner kick bets is also known in English as Conners. This is considered a common form of betting at online bookmakers. Accordingly, players will not need to care about the score when the game ends. You only need to worry about the number of corners taken in the game. From there, compare with the selection you have bet before.

corner kick bets is also known in English as Conners

Many people have commented that the way to bet on the corner is relatively simple. When betting you just need to make a judgment about the number of corners and proceed to bet with the bookie. In the online betting village, this form is very easy to implement and participate. That has created the appeal of corner bets and has more participants.

When to catch corner kick bets?

After knowing what the corner kick bets is, players continue to wonder when to catch this bet is the most effective. Specifically, you should join this game after the game takes place about the first 8 minutes of the game. If you see that the attack is actively deployed, the number of corners will be relatively large.

From there you can make your own decisions about how many corners appear in the match. Not only that, you can refer to the information surrounding this confrontation. Specifically, the confrontation history, the team’s playing style and form, etc. These are the factors that can affect the number of corners that will be taken. Then analyze to choose the most suitable number of corners.

The most popular types of corner bets today

What is the corner kick bets has been answered to readers. Here are some of the most commonly used corner bets today. May be mentioned as:

Full-time Corners Over and Under

Another name for this type of rafter is Over/Under or Total Corners 2 Way O/U. Accordingly, this corner kick bets is used for the entire duration of the match. Similar to the way of over and under, you will make a choice of Over or Under. You will rely on factors to make the correct choice.
At this point, there will be different specific cases. If the Under is the smaller number of corners given by the dealer. Meanwhile, if the number of corners is larger, it’s Tai’s. Some bookies allow betting on 1st Half Corner Over Under (Corners 1st Half) and 2nd Half Corner Over Under.

Odds corner kick bets

Parity Corners means you will make a prediction about the number of corners at the end of the game that will return according to two outcomes. If even, the numbers are even like: 2, 4, 6, 8 and odd are numbers like: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

First corner kick bets

What is the first corner bet popularly known in bookies with the English name First Corner. This bet requires the player to make a prediction about the first team that will win the corner kick. With the data when the new match takes place you will make a betting decision.

Last corner kick bets

The name of this game has partly said their characteristics and properties. In bookies, the last corner is known as the Last Corner in English. The execution is the same as the first corner, but it happens at the end of the match.

Next corner kick bets

Next Corner is also known as Next Corner. It is widely used in football betting matches. When playing you will make a prediction as to which team will win the right to take the next corner. Then proceed to select the team to bet the most accurate.

Some methods of catching corner kick bets are easy to win

What are the rules when catching corners? If you follow the rules, your chances of winning will be higher. Here are some specific methods such as:

  • Select the number of corners according to the first kick taken.
  • Based on the comments from the bookie’s team of experts to come up with a specific number.
  • Players will choose the team that will take the last corner to bet.
  • Corner kicks are based on the team with more corners.


What is the concept of corner kick bets that we have shared through the content of the above article. This bet is commonly used in football betting games. Hopefully with what has just provided players will be a useful source of information for you to apply to win. Wish you always good luck and get many advantages for yourself.