What is Dong Hai Dragon King? Play games or get rewarded with W88

The world of games at the W88 bookie really never disappoints bettors. Not only the number of good games, but also the hottest trending games. Coming to today’s article, a new game has been released by the house to players of the fish shooting game genre, but this game has many new special features. Let’s find out what Dong Hai Dragon King is below through the article of W88 You .

Introducing the hot fish shooting game called Dong Hai Dragon King

What is Dong Hai Dragon King – the name probably says all the theme that this game will aim at. A huge ocean world dominated by sea creatures. Now it seems to be shrunk down to just a small screen so that players can fully enjoy the beautiful scenery here.

The bigger the boss the player conquers, the bigger the reward will be. The fishing trick of this game is similar to the rules and shooting methods of the game series at W88.

Bonus coefficients of sea creatures in the game

What is the creature with the highest reward coefficient in the Dong Hai Dragon King ? The system of sea creatures set up in the game is extremely diverse. Each type will carry in itself different large and small bonuses. The detailed list for you to hunt for rewards includes the following categories:

Small Fish: Includes 10 different types of fish appearing with payout coefficients ranging from x2 to x25 times the stake.

Big fish: Includes 4 types of large fish including names such as Flower Goldfish, Gold Scale Fish, Gem Gold Shark and Golden Horned Stingray. The bonus levels of the species on this list help the player to multiply from x40 to x80 times the stake.

Special creatures: In this group, including a variety of creatures such as fish, turtles, crabs, etc. To be able to shoot down the species in this list, you need to know how to apply tactics. The bonus levels of special creatures are regulated as follows:

  • The Blessed Pufferfish offers a multiplier value from x20 to x25.
  • The Saw Blade Gold Shark has a multiplier from x30 to x35.
  • Shooting down the Turtle Capacitor, the player receives a multiplier x40 to x45 bonus value.
  • Golden Gun Crab helps to multiply x50 bonus value if you can shoot it down.
  • The Golden Diamond Hero multiplies the x60 bonus for the player who shoots it down.
  • The Golden Explosion Shrimp will pay out with a multiplier x70 value.

Creatures that you shoot fisherman to hunt 

The creatures with the above bonus coefficient are only a small part of the Dong Hai Dragon King . The thing that makes you guys hunt fishers will have the names of the following creatures:

First, is the Wealth LampFish animal that is hunted by many players. Because they carry a bonus value with a multiplier that can be up to x1000.

The most difficult creature to defeat is the Boss that is indispensable in the hunting list. Because they are the most difficult to destroy and make many brothers crazy. But the house will give you a signal every time the Boss species appears. At the same time, they often come out individually, not in groups, so you don’t get confused. The attractive rewards when defeating the Boss are as follows:

  • A Phu Quy Koi brings in the loot multiplier from x100 to x120.
  • You eat from x120 to x160 when you kill a Treasure Shell.
  • Cat Tuong Unicorn is equally attractive when it brings x100 to x300 value in bonuses.
  • Each Golden Fire Dragon that is defeated by you will receive an additional x150 to x500.
  • The Auspicious Turtle has a high bonus from x200 to x800 for players.
  • The Golden Belt Stream brings extremely high bonus value for players from x100 to x999.
  • Finally, if the player defeats the biggest Dragon King Boss of the Dong Hai Dragon King, your pocket will be filled with a bonus value up to x7200 times.

What are the support features in Dong Hai Dragon King? 

The game supports many features to best serve you guys such as:

  • Multi-language support: Players can freely choose their favorite language or suitable for the country where they live. Including languages ​​from countries such as China, English, Vietnam, Myanmar. This is also the reason why so many players come to this game.
  • Free play support feature: Players can fully experience playing Dong Hai Dragon King in the free version. If players just want simple entertainment and do not eat real money. The official version for money is always available when players are ready.
  • Live chat feature: Players can chat directly with customer service staff while playing the game. This is to solve the questions and problems that players have.
  • Smooth and fast connection: As long as the device has an internet connection, players can experience shooting fish immediately. The game is operated smoothly with fast loading speed.

So, what is Dong Hai Dragon King has been specifically answered in the above article. Register W88 to catch many high-value fish at Dong Hai Dragon King W88 .

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