What is Dragon Master? Hunt dinosaurs with W88 to receive attractive rewards

You are looking for attractive games with high payout ratio to experience, so do you know what Dragon Master is ? To better understand the rules of the game as well as how to play, please refer to the detailed summary of this game of W88 below! 

Learn What is Dragon Master?

What is Dragon Master ? This is the current popular animal shooting game. This genre of game is no longer strange to us. In Dragon Master, players will transform into a talented hunter, taking on the task of hunting dinosaurs and saber-toothed tigers, pigeons and other animals to collect rewards.

Designed with a funny cartoon style, with colorful dinosaurs, players will be able to see and hunt rare and never-before-seen species. In addition, the attraction of Dragon Master is also reflected in the 3D interface design, realistic and sharp images combined with dramatic and attractive sounds.

What is Dragon Master?

The game supports and is suitable for both android and ios operating systems. The function buttons in the game are also simplified, making the operation during the game fast and convenient. Thereby providing a smooth and great experience for gamers.

Discover how to play Dragon Master game at W88

After learning the basics of what Dragon Master is , players need to understand how to play and follow the instructions as follows:

Step 1: Register/login your account

First, you need to visit the home page of the house, proceed to register for W88 and fill out the information and the instruction form. In case you already have an account at the house, players only need to log in to experience. 

Step 2: Deposit money into your account

After successfully registering or logging into an account, the player will have to make a deposit to the account according to the specified minimum amount, and if the player already has an available balance that can meet the playing conditions immediately, they can skip it. this step. The reason we need to make a deposit to the account is because Dragon Master W88 is a real money exchange game.

Step 3: Choose a game

You need to access the Game Menu on the website’s selection bar => select Shoot Fish => When a new dialog box is displayed, on the search box, enter the game name to find and access the game. When the game icon appears, the player can choose to Play Now or Try Now.

Step 4: Start playing

Before starting the game, you need to consult the rules and how to play before participating in dinosaur hunting, understand the reward value of each dinosaur, and determine the right ammunition to use.

On the main interface of the game, there will be the following function buttons:

  • Ammo value adjustment button, each bullet corresponds to a different bet.
  • The firing button is used to launch each bullet, this type is suitable for determining fixed target shooting.
  • Explosive button, this type of target moves in groups, the number of prey is large and the probability of being hit is high.
  • Boomerang, a new feature only available at Dragon Master, executes x2 attacks with just 1 bet in one attack.
  • Settings Button: Here the player can view the reward value of the species, play instructions and install game effects.

The player’s arsenal is equipped with many types of hunting such as guns, crossbows, explosives, … to help you destroy more targets, bring back more bonuses. The player’s task is to adjust the gun, bullets and aim the dinosaurs and other animals that appear on the screen. Every time you kill any animal, the bonus will be added to the bonus fund.

What is the Dragon Master Dinosaur Shooting Tips?

What is the way to become a professional hunter in Dragon Master ? Focus on the following skills to improve your ability to kill targets:

– To familiarize yourself with the operation in the game, you should start with the demo game. The W88 dealer offers players a free trial version, giving players time to adapt and calculate to increase effective damage and movement speed. From there, take down the prey quickly without missing a beat and master the steps.

Using small bullets and attacking small prey, they form a habit of killing targets and avoiding wasting ammunition.

– Shoot the center of gravity with a large number of focused targets, focus and aim at these targets with greater accuracy without worrying about losing bullets.

– No need to spend too much money for big goals, big dinosaurs often take a lot of bullets to destroy them, moreover you have to invest a lot but the dinosaur dies under your bullets. For others, it would be a waste.

The article helped readers better understand what Dragon Master is. Let’s show the ultimate hunting ability with your friends at Dragon Master today so as not to miss the chance to hunt for real money effectively and quickly at W88.

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