Instructions on how to play fishing yilufa in detail

What is Fishing YiLuFa? A fish shooting game is considered a new game that has been updated recently. Although it has only recently started operating, the number of daily participants is becoming larger and larger. Proving that the attraction of this fish shooting game is becoming more and more hot. So how to shoot Fishing YiLuFa is as simple as rumored or not? Follow the article below from W88 you to learn more!

What is the concept of Fishing Yilufa game?

Fishing Yilufa Game is also known as a unicorn shooting game. This is a new fish shooting game launched at the W88 money house. With a variety of special features and the addition of many new bullets, shooting unicorn fish becomes a game that receives an increasing number of hits.

The task of this game is to aim directly at the Dancing Lion (unicorn) to bring yourself the highest prize. Besides, you can also shoot down many other special sea creatures in the game to bring back the corresponding bonus.

What is the concept of Fishing Yilufa game?

What are the levels in the game Fishing Yilufa

When entering the game, you will have to choose for yourself 1 of 3 bets. This choice will increase fairness in the game. If you are a beginner and do not have much experience, you will easily be overwhelmed and overwhelmed by many previous masters. Therefore, this selection will help you to challenge other members of the same level as you.

Specifically in the game Fishing Yilufa, there are 3 doors for you to choose from. That is:

  • Newbie: has the lowest bet of 0.5 and the highest is 50, very suitable for the choice of new members.
  • Expert: has the lowest bet of 10 and the highest will be 100. It is suitable for members who have previous playing experience.
  • Royal : The lowest bet will be from 50 and the highest is 100, this option is suitable for members who have mastered online shooting skills.

What are some features of the Fishing Yilufa game? 

When coming to the game Fishing Yilufa, each player needs to learn for themselves the characteristics of this game. To learn more about those features, please continue to follow right below.

No need to shoot the boss, still get the bonus

For any shooting game at the online bookmaker today, all require to shoot down the boss to receive 100% absolute bonus. However, with the Fishing Yilufa game, even if you don’t completely shoot the boss, you will also get a 100x extra bonus.

Target lock function and allow automatic fire 

For some online fish shooting games on the market require you to pay a certain fee for this function. However, at Fishing Yilufa W88 you can get full access to the auto-fire and target lock feature for free.

Super Ammo at Fishing Yilufa

A new type of ammunition is equipped exclusively for Fishing Yilufa at W88 money. When collecting this ammo, it will help you shoot down the big fish as easily and quickly as possible.

Free Trial Feature

For those who are new to joining and not confident in their ability to shoot fish. This is considered the best opportunity for you to participate in the fishing experience without any fees.

What is the rule of Fishing Yilufa?

In what is Fishing Yilufa , you need to follow some rules of the game. That is, choose the right gun and choose the corresponding ammunition. Next, you need to aim at the target on the screen to shoot down. Each time the player hits the target, he will receive a reward corresponding to the following symbols:

Fortune Yilufa

  • With the green Yilufa symbol: that is, you can bet up to 3 times
  • Green Yilufa: will receive 15X, 20X, 25X, 30X, 35X . stake
  • Red Yilufa: has accumulated points that are the sum of green Yilufa and red Yilufa

Golden Wheel of Wealth

The Golden Wheel of Wealth is shaped like a wheel and is collectively known as the wheel of wealth. When the player hits this wheel, he will receive the corresponding bet bonus of 18X 28X 58X and 88X respectively.

If you choose the right type of wheel upgrade, the reward multiplier will be upgraded immediately. The multiplier reward will then be raised to 36X, 56X, 116X, 176X respectively.

Dancing Lion

As a unicorn symbol, when you hit this symbol, you will receive the equivalent of 100X – 300X. There is also a chance to win a corresponding lucky Fortune Arrives item.

Super bazooka

When the player hits the Ultra bazooka symbol on the screen, you will receive 5 times your bet with 50 free bullets. In addition, you can also get other valuable items.

According to the rules of the game, small fish will be easier to score points, big fish will consume more bullets. Therefore, the possibility of entering the betting table, you should aim for the big fish to avoid bullet loss.

In addition, for the fishing game yilufa does not require the player to aim for the end goal of shooting as many good fish as possible, not necessarily aiming for the Unicorn. So come up with reasonable shooting strategies to increase your chances of getting more coins.

The above article has provided you with information about what is the fishing game yilufa ? Hopefully, the above information has partly helped you understand more about how to play and the rules of this game. Don’t forget to subscribe to W88 to update other related information!

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