Five dragon fishing w88 – shooting game of five dragons

W88 has just launched the hottest fish shooting game in the market. This bookmaker attracts players by product quality and high entertainment. So what attractive features does Five dragon fishing w88 have? The following article will provide you with basic information about this game!

Have fun – earn money with Five dragon fishing w88

Five Dragon Fishing, also known as five dragon fish shooting game. As a game released in the summer of 2020. Appearing with outstanding features in the game such as participating in a free trial, you can still receive a 100X bonus without shooting the boss. Besides, Five Dragon Fishing w88 is also equipped with many types of bullets with great destructive power to help you shoot fish more easily.

So what attractive features does Five dragon fishing w88 have?

What’s outstanding about Five dragon fishing w88?

Appearing in the market with a beautiful interface and big bonuses, you can rest assured to choose the five dragon fish shooting game at w88. Suitable on both mobile devices and on computers ready to help you experience the best Five Dragon Fishing w88 .

The game is also equipped with a free trial feature. Accordingly, the house will give you free coin levels to shoot down sea creatures.

Instructions on how to play Five Dragon Fishing w88

To participate in shooting five dragons at w88, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Players log in to the house w88

To join Five dragon fishing, you need to log in as a member. You can proceed to register if you do not have an account by following detailed instructions.

Step 2: Proceed to deposit money into your w88 account

Shooting fish game allows players to withdraw real money if they win. So you need to have an account and deposit money into it.

At this step, you need to perform two operations including depositing and transferring funds. The deposit will be transferred to the total wallet. The money in the pool will be divided into the wallet of each game item. To deposit funds, please do the following:

After the money transfer to w88 is complete -> click on Funds -> choose to transfer the main fund to the shooting fund

Step 3: Search for a game to join

At the w88 homepage -> select Shooting fish -> select Five dragon fishing -> wait for the game to load

Then choose your favorite game including: Expert, Newbie or 5 Dragons.

Each door will have a variety of weapons such as bullets, guns and many different difficulty levels. Players should consider their options carefully before participating.

Step 4: Start participating in the game

At the homepage of this arowana shooting game, you will be able to choose the appropriate weapons and ammunition. After aiming straight at the target, align and shoot down the sea creatures on the screen.

The two sides of the gun have a + and – button design, you can use it to choose to increase or decrease the ammo level. Besides, you also have the choice of two more free features including automatic fire mode (auto) and continuous shooting for 1 target (aim). Proceed to shoot as many fish as possible, you will have more chances to bring home attractive prizes.

Tips to choose a pocket to play Five dragon fishing w88 for you

In a table can have the same number of players. From newbies to old people, beginners and even masters of shooting fish. So the appropriate division of the game door helps to make your fishing experience more fair. Choose for yourself the game door that is suitable for your ability and with the amount of bets spent.

You need to choose 1 of the following 3 doors:

Newbie: for new players joining for the first time. The lowest bet in this door ranges from 0.1 to 10

Expert: for players who have participated in shooting fish many times but have not yet believed in their abilities. The bet levels are varied from 1 to 100

5 Dragons: for longtime players in Five dragon fishing w88 . The bet at the door ranges from 10-100 and is the highest

Attractive bonus level in shooting five dragons w88

At Five dragon fishing w88 , when you correctly shoot down the following symbols, you will have the opportunity to receive the corresponding bonus:

Dragon Bonus: Dragon Bonus

The Dragon Bonus game bonus will be received when you hit the diamond symbol on the game screen. There are different diamond icons like blue, purple, red, green, white diamond

Depth charge bullets: Ammo

After the air bullet is activated, you need to consider 5 times the ammo’s bet. You will have a chance to receive 30 different gas bullets when activating the icon. To use air bullets, you can select any sea creature that is swimming on the screen

Weapon bonus: Weapon

Weapon Bonus weapon will be activated when you are hit and use bullets deep into the shark. Soon you will be rewarded with 25 times the bonus you bet from the bullet.

The above article has compiled interesting information about the Five dragon fishing w88 lobby . You can participate in the game and choose to bet on many hot games on the market. Sign up for W88 to experience attractive slot games!

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