What is 1×2 full match bets?How to calculate money when winning

The odds that the bookie offers to players are very diverse, forcing you to learn carefully. However, in this table you will see the 3 most obvious odds: handicap, 1×2 bet, O/U bet, etc. So do you know exactly what is 1×2 full match bets? How is this wager calculated in practice? The answer will be shared with you through the article right below.

What is 1×2 full match bets?

The 1×2 full match bets is also known as the European handicap. It is classified as one of the 3 most popular bets in the football betting village. Longtime players often apply this game to win. They also commented that this bet is quite easy to play and does not take too much time.

Accordingly, you will not have to work hard to calculate and apply the knowledge. Players will participate in betting on one of 3 doors Win – Draw – Lose. It is explained in detail as follows:

  • 1: Bet on the home team to win.
  • X: Bet on both teams with a draw result.
  • 2: Bet on the away team to win.

Common symbols in 1×2 full match bets

So with other odds, 1×2 full match odds don’t have too many symbols for you to grab. By as said they only have 3 options: Win – Draw – lost. Players just need to grab some basic symbols like:

  • 1 (Home team wins): The symbol is the home team wins.
  • 2 (Away win): Symbol is the away team wins.
  • X (Draw): The symbol means that the 2 teams tie.

European markets have odds for the whole match or in the first half, such as:

  • 1×2: 1×2 market for the whole match
  • 1×2: 1×2 market for the first match

After observing the odds, the player has the right to choose a maximum bet of 3 doors. With a rate of 100% divided equally among 3 doors, it is 33.33%, respectively. Therefore, you can get used to it quickly and bring safety during the game.

How to calculate the winnings of full match bets 1×2?

With the understanding of what the full match bets 1×2 is, you will not be able to ignore the formula for calculating this bet. Here are detailed instructions:

Step 1: Accordingly, you will calculate the profit without commission. Accordingly, the profit without commission will be calculated based on the odds multiplied by the bet amount. That formula is: Profit = Odds x Bet amount.
Step 2: Perform profit calculation on commission percentage. That is, you will have to take the initial bet to receive with the odds minus 1. The formula is: [Bet x (Odd – 1)] x %Commission.

The formula has been specified very clearly at the bookies for your convenience to follow and grasp. Accordingly, you will calculate the profit that you will gain during the game. From here you will compare to find out which is the best playground to choose for yourself.

Experience to catch the full match 1×2 bets correctly

In the process of playing the experience will be useful knowledge for you to win. To do that, you need to equip yourself with tips to play. Here are some specifics such as:

Place bets about 3-5 days in advance

One of the effective experiences is that you choose to place a bet 3 to 5 days in advance. That helps players avoid the risks encountered during the game. Because during that time, the house will not cause any impact on the rafters system. Then, near the end, the odds will constantly change, making it very difficult for you to grasp.

Divide reasonable bets into multiple doors

Beginners are often quite emotional in the betting process. However, for the players, they often rely on analysis to get an accurate and effective bet. Because if you do not do so, the bet choice will carry a lot of risk when following emotions. You need to derive from the actual data so as not to get caught in the house’s trap. Especially dividing the capital by each door to get what you want.

Absolutely do not bet according to the majority

Many people subjectively choose to bet on dynamic numbers without calculation. However, it is an ill-advised decision and it is easy to lose your bet. Players must rely on the information collected to make bets. Some bookies have taken advantage of that to deceive players in order to make players fall into traps


Through the article on W88YOU.VIP, you will be able to answer the question of what the full match 1×2 bets is. This is a bet that often appears in football matches at online bookies. Not only that, we also help you learn about the exact calculation of this bet. Hope you will flexibly use the information you have just obtained to bring about victory.