What is golf – Play golf betting very easily at W88

What is golf ? This is a sport that is considered “noble” and gradually popular in Vietnam. Thanks to that, the form of golf betting is also included in many bookies. Including W88 you . So how to play golf betting at this bookie? Surely the information below will help players a lot!

Learn what golf is?

Before learning about how to play golf betting at the W88 bookie. You need to learn and understand the basics of what golf is.

Golf or golf is a sport. Only the participant will use a golf club to hit the golf ball into the hole. So that the golf process takes as few turns as possible. Means at a certain distance from the golfer’s position to the hole. Then the player will have a higher score if he only needs to put the ball less often into the hole.

Unlike other ball-related sports. As the arena will be established a standardization. Meanwhile, golf courses can be built and laid out depending on the available area and terrain. The number of holes on a golf course is usually 9 holes or 18 holes.

Learn what golf is?

Play golf betting at W88 with popular bets

What is a golf bet ? When participating in Golf betting, you will also place money on the types of bets that the W88 house offers. Thanks to that, it is possible to determine who is the winner and owns attractive rewards. Here are a few common golf bets:

Betting for the winner 

This can be called the longest line bet in golf betting. This type of bet will be similar to the winner bet in football. Bettors need to choose a golfer who goes the farthest and wins.

Bet on Under

What is an over/under bet in golf ? In Casino betting or soccer, they are also known as Big and Small bets.

Participating in this bet, you will predict the total number of points scored by 2 golfers. How much is it from start to finish? This number is smaller or larger than the base number offered by the dealer. If the prediction is less, the player bets Under and vice versa, you bet on Over.

Handicap golf bets

What is a golf handicap ? With this bet, the house will offer a fixed handicap for opposing couples. You just need to bet on the pair with the handicap that you are the most “optimal”.

Opposing bets

In the sport of golf , with this type of bet you will make a prediction to see who has the lowest score. The result will be calculated based on the performance of both golfers who have been paired by the house.

The golfer with the lowest score after finishing 18 holes will be the winner. With a 36-hole golf course, the same score will be calculated as an 18-hole course.

Participate in golf betting at W88

By now, you must have somewhat understood what form of golf betting is . Following are the steps to help you participate in playing at the W88 house.

  • Step 1: You register W88 and proceed to log in immediately to the home page of the house.
  • Step 2: Next, go to the “Sports” section on the Menu bar. Then click on “E – Sports” and select golf betting .
  • Step 3: So you choose the match and participate in the Golf bet.

Golf betting experience always wins at W88 

For golf betting to be highly effective, bettors need to refer to the following experiences. Hopefully this will help you no longer be surprised when participating in this betting sport:

  • Read carefully the rules of the game, what are the rules of golf betting at W88. If you do not read carefully, players will easily lose stupid money.
  • Observe and analyze the playing history of the golfers you bet on. To know if their form is good, this match is easy to win or lose. If you find that it is not good, you should change the team with a higher chance of winning.
  • Keep track of the match schedule, if possible, make a note of it. In order not to miss the attractive match and tournament bets.
  • Refer to the experience of previous betting players. This is one of the most important things to help you win big. If you are a newbie, you need to find experienced bettors to gain experience.
  • The most important is still the player himself. You need to stay calm and stay clear. As a result, you can make the best betting decisions.

The above article shares with you what is the concept of golf . Besides, golf betting is a new game in Vietnam. So take this opportunity to learn and refer to the tips of the game. From there win great rewards! Don’t forget to register w88 to discover this super product.

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