Ice Hockey W88 – Learn Hockey Betting Details

Ice Hockey W88 is a sports betting that is flourishing in recent times. More and more brothers are passionate about this type of hockey. And want to bet on the teams they love. Below, W88 will introduce to players in detail how to bet on this attractive subject.

What is W88 Hockey Betting?

Ice hockey is also known as Ice hockey. This is a form of traditional hockey but is played on ice. Athletes will use ice skates, control a puck ball made of vulcanized rubber material.

To reduce friction and bounce on the ice, the punk ball is allowed to cool to extremely low temperatures before being used for competition. Ice hockey is now popular, being played in many seasons and most ages.

Betting Ice Hockey W88 online is a form of players placing bets. And analyze and predict the winning team through the odds provided by the W88 house. Online hockey betting will include 3 rounds, each 20 minutes long.

After 3 rounds of official time, if there is still no winner or loser. There will be an extra time or shootout for the teams to find the winner. W88 with a team of experts to evaluate and then give the corresponding odds depending on the different teams and bets.

You rely on the data provided by the bookie and your own judgment to choose the bet. If you win the bet, the player will receive the bonus amount corresponding to the published W88 ratio. Conversely, if the bet is lost, the player will lose the entire amount previously placed.

Details of how to play Ice Hockey W88

For players to best visualize this sports betting game. And avoid unfortunate mistakes in the betting process. Follow the content below to understand the best way to play hockey betting.

Rules for betting in Ice Hockey

Bets are activated when all matches must be played according to the original set schedule. Exception: The W88 dealer mistakenly announces the start time of the match.

Bets will be considered valid if the playing field is changed. While the home team is set to remain the same. That is, the same host but will change the pitch in that country venue. If the home team and the away team are reversed, then the bets according to the original list announced will no longer be valid.

For Ice Hockey W88 bets to be valid, the match must take place at least 55 minutes. If a match is abandoned before 55 minutes of play, the stake will be refunded to the participant. In addition, bets on which half, that half must have the final result, the bet will be counted.

Types of bets on Ice Hocket at W88

Similar to betting on other sports, hockey also includes popular bets such as:

Over/Under bets

Participating bettors predict the total number of goals scored in a match. The sum of both teams playing hockey. The dealer will announce a number, you choose Over or Under to compare the hypothetical number.

Bet on the winning team in regular time

With this form, you will predict which team will be the winner after the main competition time. Bets will not include extra time.

Predict the total goals of both teams

Predictor bets on the total number of goals scored by both teams. Calculated during the official match time. If there is an own goal, that goal will still count for betting purposes.

Odd/Even markets

This bet in W88 Ice Hockey betting is used to predict whether the total number of goals in the match is even or odd. If you guess correctly, you will receive a payout ratio corresponding to each bet.

Bets predict the total number of goals for each team

The Judgment Player bets on the total number of goals achieved by a particular team in the match:

  • Over 1.5 – Bet wins if the team you bet on scores 2 or more goals.
  • Under 1.5 – Bet wins if the team the player who placed the bet wins 1. Or that team doesn’t get any points.
  • Over 2.5 – Bet wins if the team you bet on scores 3 or more goals.
  • Under 2.5 – The bet will win if the participating team scores 2 or less goals.

First goal/Next goal/Last goal

In Ice Hocket W88 , this bet is used to predict which team will score the first/last/next goal in the match. An own goal is still scored for the team that made the goal.

Rules and how to play Ice Hockey W88 have been detailed by us in this article. Hopefully with the above information, you will have certain knowledge to participate in hockey betting. Don’t forget to register for W88 today to receive the most attractive offers only for members.

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