What is an insect hunter and a simple way to play for you

Have you ever heard of the game Insect Hunter? This new name is available at W88 – the leading online bookmaker today. Transform into a hunter to catch poisonous insects and collect bonuses. Let’s find out what the Insect Hunter is and how to play through the following article of w88 You . 

What is Insect Hunter game?

Insect hunter must say that the game is very easy to attract players. Because the way the founder designed and operated the game did not bring boredom to the players. Right from the game interface was very eye-catching and extremely lively. The colorful insects flying in the garden are swords, mosquitoes, butterflies, flies, fireflies, …

What is insect hunter, this is really a game inspired by online fish shooting game. However, in Insect Hunter you will have to destroy bugs and insects to earn coins for yourself. The payout ratio for insects in the game is different, so players should note:

Three types of insects are Rhinoceros beetles, golden snails and jade caterpillars, if you kill them, you will receive a maximum reward from x5 to x15.

For large mantises and bombardier beetles with strong damage. Therefore, if you can destroy them, the force can kill 10 more insects nearby.

Cloth bugs are at a higher level when they can deal 3 times damage and kill 10 insects for 1 hit.

Golden ladybugs and orange wings can trigger the Bonus spins feature. When this spin is activated, you will receive a bonus of x168 times your stake.

Killing the Egyptian Scarab you have the opportunity to receive bonuses from x200 to x360.

What is an insect hunter?

Play Insect Hunter for rewards at W88

When it comes to W88, many people will immediately think of sports betting or casino. But the games here are equally attractive. If you have a basic understanding of what the Insect Hunter is , you must experience the game to see its interesting points. Right at W88, you just need to search for the game and you can try it right away. Investing in images and sounds, you will find relaxation when you come to this game. With the reputation of the house, you do not have to worry about any of these problems happening to your account.

In addition, whether you are a newbie or a longtime player, you still have the opportunity to receive thousands of incentives from the house. Many game halls have you to choose from when participating in the game Insect Hunter W88 . If you have a small capital, you can participate in betting halls with low bets to ensure a balance for capital. And if you are confident, you can bet in the bigger halls. You can absolutely get super huge amount of money if you win in those halls.

Unlock the game Insect Hunter

Playing Insect Hunter is not difficult, the game is very suitable for new players who want to experience. But to successfully conquer this game you must know how to unlock it slowly. Let’s learn how to play the following Insect Hunter game.

Launch and enter the game

The first step when you want to play any game at W88 also needs a house account. If you do not have an account at w88 you can register immediately. The registration steps are very fast, so please wait patiently.

After entering the house interface, you select the item Shooting fish. Next, you search for the game Insect Hunter and click play. But if you are still not confident, you can try the game first. W88 offers a trial game feature for those who need it.

Proceed to choose the appropriate lobby

If you are already in the game, first you need to choose a lobby for yourself. Remember to think carefully before choosing a betting hall because once the game has started, there is no going back. As for what is an insect hunter, there are 3 playing halls for you to choose from: Beginner, Master and Expert. Each lobby will have its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, so you should consider.

The Beginners Lobby has bets between 0.01 and 0.1 that Emperor Moths and Titan Bugs will appear.

The Expert Lobby, which offers bets from 0.1 to 1, includes Emperor Moths, Egyptian Scarab beetles and even black-bellied wolf spiders.

The Master’s Lobby with bets from 1 to 10 features the appearance of the Emperor Moth Boss, the Titan Bug and also the Black-bellied Wolf Spider and the Egyptian Scarecrow. The difficulty of this lobby is raised much higher than that of Beginners.

Choose a gun and reload

At W88, there are two versions of guns according to rank, level 1 to level 4 and level 5. Level 5 is a special level from images, interfaces to equipment for bettors. You need to pass all the basic levels to get more advanced weapons.

Interesting things about what the Insect Hunter is and how to play the game so well are all revealed through the article. If you want to experience being a professional sniper hunting poisonous insects, then join w88 to register to play Insect Hunter. 

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