What is Microgaming? Discover the famous game publisher

The online betting market is constantly innovating and attracting a large number of players to participate. Microgaming is one of the famous betting game publishers. So what is Microgaming ? Follow along with all the following information of W88 to get a deeper understanding of this topic.

What is Microgaming?

Perhaps many people are wondering what Microgaming is ? Microgaming is one of the leading reputable game providers today. Since its establishment, the company has been constantly building its brand in the market. They have succeeded in asserting their game position in this competitive field.

Microgaming is increasingly showing its class when in 2016, they collaborated with Universal to successfully design the Jurassic World slot game. This game is based on a movie of the same name, produced in 2015. At the same time, it made a classic mark when it was released globally on the same weekend. And that is the success of the online slot provider Microgaming.

With a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, the Microgaming 777 slot provider has created many popular games. One of them is The Dark Knight slots, part of the Batman blockbuster series.

Another success of Microgaming is the online slots Game of Thrones. This game is designed by the investment company to simulate life from the characters to the movie’s backdrop.

What is Microgaming?

What are the famous Microgaming games?

After learning about what is Microgaming ? Below is a summary of all the betting products produced, developed and provided by Microgaming to the market as follows.

Live Casino

Casino live was first launched by the game publisher from 1994 until now. Here are some of the most attractive titles produced by Microgaming themselves that are receiving attention from a large number of players:

  • Baccarat is the most famous card game in the world. The game publisher always ensures that the Dealer is beautiful, attractive, and the quality of the transmission is smooth when playing to ensure no lag.
  • Hollywood Tables: If you have ever participated in the experience at some of the online bookmakers in the market, it must be no stranger to Hollywood. This is a game also dedicatedly built by NPH Microgaming
  • Roulette: In general, the bonus rate that this publisher offers for this game is attractive enough that most bettors favorably choose between the tables from other providers.
  • Sicbo: This is also one of the most popular forms of play on the market today. This game is also invested by Microgaming and is currently available on many game halls.

Slots games

In addition to the field of online casino since 2004 until now, the publisher Microgaming has also deployed a series of famous slot game products that are loved by bettors.

The game store is extremely large with thousands of products and is still being added and updated every day, helping Microgaming increasingly assert its position as the leading pioneering game publisher in the market.

Especially, even though they share the same basic playing principles as the slot machine game , each game has new and unique points that make you passionate and loved.

In addition, from style, betting theme to images and sound effects, are meticulously designed by Microgaming staff for a long time.

What is the reason to experience Microgaming’s games?

Thus, through the information shared above, players must have had interesting information related to the famous game publisher Microgaming. Here are some of the main reasons why you should definitely participate in the experience of the titles offered by this publisher.

A reputable and experienced Microgaming publisher 

Microgaming is well-known as a reputable publisher with many years of experience in the game field when it has been on the market since 1994 until now. In addition to the success that comes from the reception of the player community, Microgaming also pocketed a series of great achievements.

Not every software publisher in the world owns up to 8 prestigious awards. This can also prove that this is a very reputable and worth choosing game lobby.

Good and creative staff 

With a thorough selection and training process, Microgaming’s staff always show professionalism and undying creativity. One of the clearest examples of this is the series of new titles that are produced each year to provide players with a variety of interesting options.

Competitive bonus levels

One of the attractions that makes Microgaming more prominent than ever in the betting market is the extremely competitive high payout rates in the market.

Compared to many other software publishers, Microgaming always amazes gamers with its willingness to play and pay.

The information above has provided details about what Microgaming is . Also don’t forget to sign up for W88 so you can quickly update the best information about the game halls. Hope players will have an extremely fun and exciting online betting experience here.

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