Join now the special offer for new players of W88 extremely hot

W88 is known to be one of the leading bookies in Asia. Not only is the playground attractive, but the incentives for new players of W88 are also extremely attractive. However, there are some rookies who have just joined, and still don’t know if these promotions are reputable? Take a look at the following article of W88 you to get more answers for yourself.

Overview of the W88 playground

Up to now, W88 is one of the oldest and reputable bookmakers in the betting market. At the same time, the playground also creates many breakthroughs and leads the trend. By providing novel betting products and services. Moreover, the offers for new players of W88 are always interesting. Therefore, giving players the most optimal experience.

Although operating for a long time, W88 is not inferior to any other bookie. Some quality products and services must be mentioned such as: lottery betting (lotto, keno), sports betting …

The W88 bookie always tries hard to promote exciting activities. Over the years, the popularity of the playground has increased and attracted a large number of participants.

Overview of the W88 playground

Are W88 Offers reliable?

When participating in W88, surely some people will be concerned about the reliability of the house. Because there are some bookies, to attract players, they offer virtual programs. Finally, players make a deposit during the promotion period. However, it is not possible to receive any incentives. They may even lose the money they just deposited.

With the above reliable information, you can be assured of the credibility. Usually, in order to attract players, the game portal will provide incentives for new players of W88. 

Conditions to participate in the offer for new players of W88

There are many people who want to receive W88’s new player offer. However, they do not know the conditions to receive the W88 promotion . Therefore, if you want to receive these offers, you need to know a few rules as follows:

Only for 1 account

You should know that the offer can only be used for 1 customer. That means, it only has 1 address, phone number or bank account, IP address is 1. If this is the case, your family members have the same address or phone number. At this time, your account will not be accepted for W88’s new player incentive program.

Therefore, be honest while playing the game without encountering any other inadequacies.

The house can adjust the rules

You should understand that all promotions at the bookie are organized for entertainment purposes. Besides, it is aimed at showing gratitude to each member of W88. Therefore, the game portal can completely adjust the time of the event. In addition, the player’s ability to participate in the program. If any incident arises, W88 will be the last unit to speak.

Besides, the condition to participate in the promotion is that the player needs to verify the correct information. For example, about phone number, first and last name or date of birth.

The house has the right to cancel when there is an incident

W88 game portal will proceed based on the terms and conditions to fulfill the player’s complaints. If a rule in the game is not fulfilled by the player. Or maybe you intentionally broke or circumvented the law. At this time, the house has the right to cancel all offers for new players of W88. Including in-kind rewards or cash.

In addition, the house may also charge some additional costs based on the member’s account.

Some notes when receiving promotions at W88

  • For W88’s new player offer, players should only choose 1 of the promotions provided by the system. You should only really choose the promotion that you really need the most.
  • For some football enthusiasts, or like to bet on this subject. You should choose promotion number 1 or number 2.
  • In case if you love slot games and can play well in this genre. At this time, you should choose promotions number 1 or number 3.


W88’s new player offers always have a strange appeal. In order to be able to receive the promotion, you need to pay attention to some of the conditions mentioned above. Hopefully with the above information, you can gather some useful knowledge for yourself. Quickly register for W88 so you don’t have to miss any information.

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