What is Winter Sports – Exciting Winter Sports Game

Referring to winter, we will picture the image of cold weather with snowfall. In this weather it’s perfect to curl up in a blanket and play Winter Sports games. Let’s find out what Winter Sports is with the W88 bookie .

Overview What is Winter Sports?

Before you want to participate in betting on games in Winter Sports , you need to know its definition. Winter Sports is one of the winter sports games favored by many bettors at the W88 house.

With advanced technology and meeting the needs of betting on the spot for you, the prestigious house W88 has brought Winter Sports into betting games.

When participating in betting at this Winter Sports, you will feel very comfortable when you can choose the game you want. Because there are many different types of sports, there are different ways to play.

Therefore, before deciding to participate in betting on a subject in Winter Sport, you need to learn carefully how to play as well as its rules. In addition, it is necessary to understand the rules of the house to help the betting process take place more smoothly.

Summary of Winter Sports

Do you know what the sports of Winter Sports are ? This genre has a lot of different games. Here are some typical subjects that are most popular at the prestigious W88 house.

Snow skiing

Summary of Winter Sports

In the article What is Winter Sports , you will be familiar with skiing. This game is usually held outdoors and in hilly areas. Just two sliders and two struts can adjust the direction. However, skiers need some protective gear such as jackets, gloves, boots, etc.

Figure skating

Figure Skating is also known as figure skating. This subject will be competed by individuals, pairs or groups. The players will use specialized skates for this subject. The players will then compete against each other. Based on different skills previously practiced such as: jumping, rotating, shaping, … to receive a corresponding number of points. Thanks to the number of points to determine the high and low.


Ice hockey

In this article What is Winter Sports , hockey is a sport almost like football. However, what is different is that hockey is played on an ice rink. Two teams will play against each other with the number of each team consisting of 6 players and 1 goalkeeper on the field. Players will use their skills to adjust their clubs. From there, use the stick to put the ball into the opponent’s net.


With this subject, you will see the question of how to play this game in Winter Sports . Although a bit strange, this sport has a lot of interesting things. This subject will compete in teams with a total of 4 players. You will directly compete on the ring with the task of sliding the marbles to a certain target point on the floor. One player on the team will push the marble along with which 2 other members will assist. By using a broom tool to scrub the surface of the ring. Aim to help orient the path of the marbles.

Bobsled / Bobsleigh 

This is also an equally attractive sport in Winter Sports. With a custom number of participants from 2 to 4 and use of snowmobiles. Teammates in the group will use their gravity to move the sled on the rails to the finish line. The team with the shorter race time wins.

Detailed instructions on how to play Winter Sports betting at W88

Reading this far, you have understood what winter sports is and many sports. So do you want to know how to bet on these sports at the prestigious W88 house ? If yes, then you should not miss the following content:

Step 1: Search for the link to access the website of the W88 bookie. Then proceed to log in to your W88 game account. If newcomers do not have an account, it takes a while to register. Only then can you proceed to bet at the house.

Step 2: At the W88 interface, you will select the game item. Then select the sports section and click on the Winter sports item.

Step 3: Complete step 2, the system will display all winter sports Winter Sports. Depending on the interests and passions of each gamer, you choose and click on that game.

Step 4: This step, you have officially entered the world of Winter Sports game. You will proceed to choose the bet level, bet door and odds to start playing. Then follow the match to know the final result. Depending on the type of game, the odds are different along with the payout ratio. You need to know to avoid the case that the house does not pay enough money.


Above is all the content that the W88 house offers you about Winter Sports. Quickly register for W88 to have the opportunity to experience betting on games here.

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