Promotion for the first time deposit at W88 for new players

The first deposit promotion at W88 is always named the most attractive in the market? These offers are so great that you can get up to 4 million VND in cash when you sign up and top up. There are also other unexpected programs waiting for players. Click on the home page link at w88 you to learn about these promotions.

W88 – The house with thousands of attractive offers

W88 house has appeared in Vietnam for more than 2 decades with high coverage. This platform is licensed to operate and is increasingly trusted by players in the Vietnamese market. Many players choose to bet at W88 because it’s easy to play and win a lot of money. Especially the first deposit promotions at W88 are extremely attractive.

Besides, W88 also has extremely attractive promotions. The promotion is open to both players who already have an account as well as those who have just registered an account. Moreover, depositing money into W88 also has a lot of incentives such as: casino promotion, weekly rotation promotion, new member welcome promotion, 20% bonus for newcomers and promotion to join W88 to receive 1 million copper.

Just create an account at W88 and you can receive the First Deposit Promotion at W88 . This house is not only very reputable but also knows how to please new members. Just meet the simple conditions given and you will immediately have a capital to invest.

W88 house has appeared in Vietnam for more than 2 decades with high coverage

Promotion for the first time deposit at W88 for new participants

What incentives will first-time players joining and depositing at W88 receive?

20% bonus program for new members

This W88 first deposit promotion is applied to new members who register for an account and make their first deposit at W88. Players will receive a one-time bonus with currencies VND, USD, etc. The promotion will be counted as successful with a minimum deposit of 200,000VND. The more you deposit, the higher the bonus will be, so consider your first deposit limit carefully.

The program gives 1 million VND for the first deposit

Promotion for the first time depositing at W88 will receive a discount of 1 million VND from the house. Players who make a deposit to W88 will receive a bonus when making their first deposit on betting games such as: A-sports, E-sports, Keno, Live Casino Club W and games in Slots.

This promotion is only for the fastest players and is valid for 48 hours only. Players are eligible to receive a bonus when they deposit a minimum of 200,000 VND into their account.

Promotion for the first time deposit at W88 up to 4 million

Program for new members registered at W88. Members must deposit a minimum of 200 million VND into the account or can transfer the slot account. Finally, you need to make 15-20 rounds of betting before withdrawing money to your account. If you do all the above steps, you will have the opportunity to receive Promotion for the first deposit at W88 up to 4 million VND.

Promotion 90,000 VND for all new members who register an account at W88

First of all, you need to register an account at w88. However, this promotion you need to trade at least 300,000 VND to receive 90,000 VND immediately.

Conditions to participate 

What conditions must be met to receive the First Deposit Promotion at W88 ?

First of all, players need to have their own account. Players can register right at the link and deposit money into the account. However, in order to receive W88 promotions, you need to understand the following rules:

  • Rule 1: A member account must be a unique account, a unique home address, a unique phone number, a bank account, and a unique IP address.
  • Rule 2: Personal information such as phone number, name, date of birth must be verified

In addition, it is necessary to complete 15 rounds of betting to be able to withdraw the bonus to your account. For example, the total amount you deposit and reward is 1 million VND, you need to ensure a turnover of 15 million VND to be able to withdraw.

 The fastest way to receive information about promotions

First of all we must have an account by registering w88 . Proceed to confirm the full information of the deposit transaction at W88 to receive those promotions. Then turn on notifications on your phone device to receive the latest notifications.

You should also regularly check the promotions displayed on the W88 homepage. This is the recommended practice because of its high accuracy and complete information.

The other way is to join groups, betting forums, the W88 player community. Here, everyone will announce and share with each other the latest promotions for the first time deposit at W88 .

So we know the promotions for the first time deposit at W88 . What are you waiting for, quickly register yourself an account at w88 to receive information about the fastest promotions. 

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