What is Moto GP – the world’s leading motorcycle racing tournament

Currently, there are many different big and small moto racing tournaments. However, the Moto GP race is considered the most prestigious tournament to date. For those who are passionate about large displacement bikes, they love and follow this Moto GP even more. Besides, still have not figured out what Moto GP is ? Let’s find out and discover with W88.

Overview of what is Moto GP?

Before teaching how to bet, you should learn carefully about what the Moto GP race is . In the years of the 20th century, many large and small racing tournaments were born, of which the Grand Prix is ​​considered the biggest race. In 1949, when FIM was established, it quickly became the management company for all activities of motorsport. At this time, Moto GP has passed its 63rd year of organization and officially entered the global racing level.

Moto GP racing takes place once a year and spans many rounds. Within 3 days with each round of competition with each different race track. On the first 2 days, training and racing will be at the starting level. Followed the last day to enter the official race track. At the beginning of the competition, the riders must continuously drive within 45 minutes. At the end of the time, points will be calculated and ranked high and low. The rider with the highest score will be the champion and will be awarded the championship trophy.

During the competition, riders have the right to reuse their clothes and refuel. Currently, the Moto GP race is racing in many countries around the world such as Austria, Spain, France, Portugal, etc.

Racing team participating in 2010

Types of MotoGP racing at W88

Once you have an overview of what Moto GP is , this section will let you know the racing modes of this tournament. Includes: MotoGP, Moto3, Moto2.

Overview of what is Moto GP?


Previously, Moto GP was a common name used to call three types of racing: 500cc, 250cc and 125cc. This was the highest form of racing before the 4-stroke engine era appeared. At this time, there was also a regulation to increase the vehicle capacity up to 990cc. However, in 2007, the limit was reduced to 800cc. By 2010, the regulation changed to include a maximum capacity of 1000cc.

What is MotoGP ? It is a place to help racers show their bravery and professional skills. Therefore, any racer wants to once again achieve the highest title of this form of Moto GP racing .

According to the regulations, to participate in this Moto racing class, the rider must be 18 years or older. The highest speed record of the Moto GP racing class is 356.4 km/h set by Andrea Dovizioso in 2018.


In addition to the Moto GP racing format that W88 introduced , there are still moto 3. In 2012, the 125cc racing format was replaced by the name Moto 3. When participating in this race, the total weight of both driver and vehicle with a minimum of 148kg. Riders who want to participate in this type of racing need to meet the age requirements from 16 to 28 years old.

By 2014, the junior champions of the FIM CEV Repsol Moto3 (Junior) tournament will be eligible to participate in Moto 3 at world championship level. Currently the highest record in motocross class 3 is 249.76 km/h. This record was set by the Aprilia car with racer Valentino Rossi.

Moto 2

Next in the article what is Moto GP, come to learn about moto 2. In 2010, with 600cc, the Moto 2 format was officially born to replace the traditional 250cc type. All engines are exclusively supplied by Honda. At the same time, electronic devices, although somewhat limited, are still approved by FIM. In 2019, Honda was replaced by Triumph as an exclusive supplier for the Moto 2.

Instructions on how to bet Moto GP at the W88 bookie

After understanding everything about what Moto GP is . You will be guided by us on how to bet on this subject at the W88 house . Just follow the steps below and you’ve bet yourself.

Step 1: You access the link to the home page of the W88 bookie. Proceed to log in to your game account at the button that appears in the right corner of the screen. If you do not have an account, register for a house account.

Step 2: At the website’s table of contents, search for the game ” Moto GP racing game “.

Step 3: The interface of the game appears, you will see the appearance of racing bets as mentioned above: MotoGP, Moto3, Moto2. Depending on the passion of the player, choose the appropriate racing type to bet.

Step 4: This step you need to choose the betting item and the odds offered by the house. Then follow the racing to know the results.

Step 5: You will receive a bonus if your prediction is successful and you will lose your bet when your prediction is incorrect.


Above is all the interesting information related to Moto GP . Hurry up and register W88 to know more good knowledge.

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