What is a mixed bet – Easy parlay experience to win at W88

You often hear bettors talk about mixed bets or parlay bets. But still don’t understand what type of mixed bet is . Want to place a bet but don’t know how this bet is calculated? Don’t worry, W88 you will help you better understand this type of bet in the following article.

What is a mixed bet?

For those who have been involved in betting for a long time, they must have heard of mixed bets . However, players who are new to this subject need to learn more. Mixed bets are a somewhat complicated type of bet, also known as parlays.

They are the sum of a series of individual bets put together. Even a large parlay can contain different small bets. Unlike normal bets, only one bet is placed on a team.

Then for the mixed bet type, you are allowed to place many different matches/teams. The most popular is the combination of Asian rafters, European rafters and Over Under, etc.

With only a small amount of capital, mixed bets have helped you earn a huge profit. Because the bonus eating rate will be calculated exponentially based on the amount of money involved. However, to win the parlay, most of your bets must win outright. Only one losing bet will cause the player to lose all his money.

So through here you have somewhat understood what type of mixed bet is . Next, follow a few things to note when participating in this type of bet.

What is a mixed bet?

Some notes when playing mixed bets 

A few notes when playing mixed bets that every player needs to know. To get the high odds of winning as expected. So what is the note when playing mixed bets ? Details are as follows:

  • You should not play too many skewers, it is best to only play 2-4 skewers.
  • Choose reputable and quality bookmakers to bet on.
  • Divide the bet capital to be able to play longer.
  • You can absolutely play parlay bets on your favorite sports. Such as football, basketball or volleyball, etc.

Guide to calculating mixed odds in football

With the advantage of bringing big profits with only a small amount of capital. Mixed bets in football always attract many bettors to play. So what is the calculation of the mixed bet ? Will be answered in detail below.

Mixed bets for European markets

What is the calculation for the European market on mixed bets ? Then, for European markets, the calculation of mixed bets is very simple. Players love according to the formula:

Odds on 1 x Odds on 2 x … x Odds on n.

This is a very simple bet, suitable for new players to practice hands. If you bet well on the European market, then you can upgrade the difficulty to Asian, Big and Under.

Mixed bets for Asia and Over/Under

How to calculate Asian and Over/Under when mixed bets ? In Asian and Over/Under markets, mixed bets are calculated as follows:

  • Win: Odds 1 x Odds 2 x …x Odds n.
  • Half bet: First you take (Strategy – 1)/2, then take this result plus 1.
  • Half Lose: Player will take the coefficient of the whole parlay divided by 2.
  • Draw: With a tie, you multiply the multiplier by 1.

If the parlay bet appears all 4 markets as above, the player will calculate the sum as follows. Detail:

Odds win x (1+ (Rate of half -1)/2) x ½ (Rate of losing half) x 1 x (Rate of tie) x…x Coefficient of n.

Experience when playing mixed bets at the bookie

Mixed bets can be quite complicated. So the following will share with you the betting experience if you are new to participating.

  • Understand and understand the rules of the game of the house you participate in. This will help players confidently make the best betting decisions.
  • It is not only necessary to know what a mixed bet is , but also to master how to calculate football parlays.
  • Improve knowledge, learn more experience playing mixed bets from masters.
  • If the game situation is not as expected, the player should run obliquely. That is, bet the opposite of what was originally bet.
  • If the player is sure the probability of a team winning in the match is high. Try to focus on that game. It is recommended to check the results and win rate before placing a bet. This will make your bets more accurate.

So the above article has answered what mixed bets are to players. It can be seen that this type of bet is difficult to play but offers very high bonuses when winning. Therefore, if you want to try your hand, you can still register for W88 to play. Good luck.

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