Instructions for playing pirate fish hunting w88

W88 – an online bookmaker with strong financial potential and always has an investment in its game system. In it, it is impossible not to mention the name of W88 Pirate Fish Hunt. Although it has just launched the betting market, it has attracted a large number of players. So what is it to eat sea fish at w88 and what is so attractive that it is so attractive, let’s find out through the sharing below.

What kind of game is the pirate fish hunting game?

Pirate fish shooting game is a new version of fish shooting game with a beautiful interface, simulating the ocean scene. A mysterious ocean scene with many sharp sea creatures such as fish, octopus… brings excitement to players. Besides, the game has many special effects combined with vivid sound to create a realistic look.

When participating in the game of hunting pirate fish, you can choose the bet level for shooting practice or the level for masters. Especially if you want to look for chance opportunities, you can participate in more mini games such as sea monsters, spin mermaid slots. You will have the opportunity to receive a lot of coins or useful items to play in the process of hunting fish.

Hunting pirate fish w88 is released by a reputable publisher in Vietnam. The game integrates many languages ​​to connect players around the world, including Vietnam.

According to many gamers, hunting pirate fish is so popular because of the simple gameplay and high reward rate.

The game consists of three rooms corresponding to three other bets such as pirate sailor, legendary captain and expert gunner.

What kind of game is the pirate fish hunting game?

Bonus structure of the w88 pirate fish hunting game

The reward you receive will correspond to the type of target you shoot down:

  • Small fish: There are 5 types of fish and the bonus level is from x2 to x5.
  • Medium fish: There are 7 types of fish, the bonus level is from x7 to x15.
  • Big fish: There are 6 types of fish, the bonus level is from x18 to x60.
  • Special fish: When you hit things like crown octopus, steel tuna, and treasure turtle, you will have the opportunity to receive an 11-fold bonus. Shooting Mahi Fish will deal wide area damage and the bonus level is from x30 to x35. Kill up to 20 Mahi fish. Anemonefish the reward level if killed is x50-x75 and it will cause 2 large area attacks. Bonus x100-x120 when shooting down the gravity crested fish, at this time a black hole will appear to help you kill up to 20 other targets.
  • Boss Fish: If you defeat this type of fish, you will have the opportunity to increase the bonus level by 30 times.
  • Finally, a boss of Pirate King Ma Dao: This boss will be summoned when all players in the room have collected 7 treasure map pieces.

In addition, you have the opportunity to receive more valuable items during the game. Collecting enough items will receive bonuses according to the limit including: 20 low bonus items, 10 high bonus items, and 15 medium bonus items.

How to play pirate fish hunting w88

You need to log in and deposit money to your account to play or you can enter the game and register for a bonus for the first login. Use that same gold to buy bullets to shoot fish.

Each time you fire a bullet, your money will decrease. But each time a fish is destroyed, the bonus amount corresponding to that type of fish will be added to the account. You can keep track of the amount of bonus you have right on the left corner of the screen.

To be able to win many bonus coins, you should practice regularly to increase your aiming ability. In addition, you can learn some more attributes as well as play tactics on how to spend less bullets and still kill big fish.

The highlight of the pirate fish hunting game

The diverse playroom has both practice levels for beginners and professional levels for seasoned hunters. The number of bosses is more than 90 bosses, 30 treasure maps and more than 60 female species, you can freely hunt.

The weapon system of the game is also very diverse with many new features, more than 1000 levels with different levels of damage. This is also the difference of w88 pirate fish hunting, which is different from other games that have not reached this level.

Promotions are organized by the house regularly according to the line of events. When you log in for the first time, you can already receive free bonus coins to play. During the game, you also receive many other preferential gifts.

This w88 pirate fishing game system also allows players to make quick deposit and withdrawal transactions after just a few steps.

Regarding the security of your personal information, you can rest assured because w88 is rated for extremely high security according to international standards.

Above is some information about the w88 pirate fish hunting game – an attractive fish shooting version with extremely high rewards. Hopefully with these shares will help you understand more about this game genre. Register w88 to experience for yourself the attractions of the game and some other titles.

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