What is rugby? Guide to betting on rugby at W88

Surely many players are extremely wondering what the game of rugby is ? This is probably the most popular sport in western countries such as the US, Canada, etc. Thanks to the extremely dramatic and attractive nature of the competition. So more and more brothers participate in betting on this subject. The following article of W88 will cover more details for players to refer to.

What is rugby?

Many newcomers wonder what rugby is ? Rugby is a competitive team sport. In many different countries, the rules of this sport have different names such as Australian, American, and Canadian rugby.

Particularly in the US, rugby is divided into many different categories such as high school, college and professional. Although the name is different, it is basically the same in all aspects, only a few rules have been changed to suit the age of different athletes.

Rugby betting is a form of bet that you will participate in betting will rely on the information of the rugby match to place bets. Players will bet according to the odds given by the w88 house, then watch the match and wait for the results.

If you bet on the bets that match the results announced by the competition organizers, you will win, and W88 will proceed to pay the player who bet on the winning bet.

Every time you want to play betting, you just need to go to the home page of the W88 house, create an account, make a deposit and follow the match schedule. The W88 bookie will update the schedule in tournaments, open many types of bets in advance so that everyone can bet.

What is rugby?

What are the rules of rugby?

After learning the basics of what rugby is . Understanding the rules of rugby will also help you a lot in betting on this sport. Some rules of the sport that players should know are as follows:

  • Each rugby match will have 2 teams divided into 2 categories: the defending team and the attacking team.
  • After all 4 attacks, if the football team shoots 9.1 m, the attacking team must pass the ball to the defending team.
  • Once the ball has been transferred to the opposing team, in the event that the attacking team changes all defenders, the defending team will switch to the offensive formation.
  • If after all 4 attacks, the target has completed 9.1m, the attacking team can have 4 more attacks. At the same time, if the rugby ball reaches the end of the touchline, the attacking team will receive an additional 6 points.
  • When the attacking team gets 7 points from getting the ball to the goal line and has 3 Field Goal points, then the positions of the 2 rugby teams will be swapped.

What are the bets in rugby?

Like other sports, in rugby betting, there are many types of bets for players to choose to participate in. Here are some popular bets on rugby at W88 that you should know.

The final win

The final winning bet is actually a bet that predicts the score. That is, you will judge which team will win, then players will bet on that team’s election. For this bet, you need to have time to observe the two teams for a long time to make the most accurate decisions about the two teams.

Therefore, newbies usually will not bet too much money on this rugby bet.

Over & Under 

Over and under is a type of bet that players will predict based on the total score of the match. Initially, the W88 house will offer a specific score. Your task is to choose the Over or Under to bet. After the matches where the score is higher than the number offered by the house, whoever bets on the big door will win.

Odds Odds 

Just like parity in football, parity in rugby betting, you will choose even or odd odds for the total score of the match. If the score is even, then you bet the door will definitely win.

Bet on the first team to score

For this bet, you must be really knowledgeable about rugby and know well about the two teams that are playing. From there, it is possible to predict which team can score first in the match.

When you bet on rugby matches that have been scheduled to play but for some reason cannot take place, the W88 house will refund the bet to the player.

The above content has been fully shared about what rugby is . Thus, you were able to better understand this sport. Please register W88 to receive the hottest information.

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