What is shooting fish to eat coins – relieve stress and fatigue when playing games

With a light and simple gameplay, shooting fish to exchange coins attracts gamers from the first screen. You will be immersed in the context of the game because it is so vivid and attractive. However, some brothers still do not know how to play, so use this type of ammunition to shoot. So what is the article of shooting fish to eat coins today will be all answered by the W88 house.

What is the concept of shooting fish to eat coins? 

This game originates from the fish shooting game at the amusement park of the mall. Knowing the tastes and needs of players, the W88 house has developed this game with an online version. However, they are still similar in terms of gameplay and rules.

How to play is extremely simple, gamers just need to spend money and collect enough bullets, then proceed to aim and shoot accurately at the target. Each fish species will be shot with a different number of bullets and corresponds to a different coin reward when hit.

So what is the scene as well as the world of the coin-eating fish shooting game ? The game is modeled after a vast ocean with many different creatures. All designed extremely outstanding and lively. Besides, there are fishing boats, sea monsters, mermaids, etc. They will appear in a loop in and out of the screen and you just need to hit any creature and you will immediately receive coins.

What is the concept of shooting fish to eat coins?

List the weapons in shooting fish for coins

After learning what is shooting fish to eat coins ? You continue to learn the weapons to use during the game.


This is a gun that you can shoot with just a few cents. Going alkaline with small guns is using small sized bullets. Therefore, it is best for gamers to use this gun to destroy creatures and small fish. That way, gamers will save bullets but still get a relative amount of bonus coins. It is advisable to limit the use of this gun to shoot large fish because it is not productive enough.

Mid-range gun

Similar to the small gun, it shoots small fishes. Mid-range guns are used to kill mid-range fish. Using this gun, you need to have an average amount of coins to buy ammo.

Big gun

Next article What is shooting fish to eat coins , I will introduce big guns. This is a gun that makes you super expensive. This gun is suitable for gamers who aim at big targets such as dragon kings, battleships, mermaids, etc.

Some other items, weapons

  • Cannon: corresponding to 7 ammo levels.
  • Explosive bomb: when using this item, the player can destroy a fish area.
  • Electric shock: will help reduce the health of fish in the area. From there it will take less ammo to destroy.
  • Shark Trap: used to catch sharks. However, there is a limit of 30 seconds, so watch the fish’s path clearly.
  • Double coin: this is an item that gives the most benefits. When you use this type of item will double the number of coins for a certain period of time.

Instructions on how to play shooting fish to exchange coins

Next, the W888 house will show you how to play shooting fish to eat coins ? From there, choose the best way to play for yourself.

Shoot fish in flocks

This way the player needs to spend about 4 or 5 coins to kill the fish. The fishes usually appear in schools with the number of 4 to 5 fish of medium and large size. You need to shoot in the middle of the fish.

Each of them will correspond to 5 coins. When killing brothers, you will receive about 20 to 25 coins for each shot. Usually when a school of fish appears, there will be a large fish swimming around to block the gun’s sights, so you need to observe and aim accurately.

Single fish shooting

What is single shot in coin shooting ? That is, you only need to use 2 coins to be able to destroy it. You can rest assured that this bullet can shoot very well a small fish. For large and medium fish, gamers need to use 2 coin bullets and shoot continuously until they can defeat the fish. In case you have fired 3 -5 bullets but the fish is not dead, you should stop to save money.

Shoot sharks, big fish

In this part of the article what is a coin-eating fish , this section will refer to big, giant fish. This is the way to play for gamers with large capital and many coins. You need to use level 7 ammo to be able to destroy big fish. And shoot until you can defeat it. Each big fish, shark will collect between 100 and 200 coins. There are also many other gifts.

Summary of tips to play shooting fish to change coins 

It is not enough just to know how to play shooting fish. You need to collect and accumulate the most effective fishing tips from masters. So what are the tips for shooting fish to eat coins that will be revealed below:

  • Play according to the strategy of “eating less and being full for longer”: should focus on shooting small fish. Killing small fish is both easy and saves bullets and coins. You earn a large amount of coins by maintaining this way every day.
  • Play mustache shooting strategy: you need to always observe the fish table and be ready to shoot fish at the fastest speed possible. This way helps you to shoot small fish with only 1 bullet and 2 – 5 rounds for medium fish.
  • Destroy the fish when it just appears: this way requires gamers to be a bit agile and know how to seize the opportunity.


This article has provided all the information related to the issue of what is shooting fish to eat coins. To best experience this coin-eating fish shooting game, you just need to register for W88 . Wish you all can earn a lot of coins.

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