Know the difference in the score and how to play unbeaten

Football betting and other types of bets are currently attracting a lot of participants. Not only that, the number of rafters offered by bookmakers has also increased. In addition to some basic bets such as: Asian rafters, European rafters, over and under, etc., there is also a new one that is being noticed as the difference in the score. This bet has a simple gameplay but high payout. To recognize and know how to play unbeaten, players with W88 learn through the following article.

What is the difference in the score?

The score difference is also known in English as Winning Margin. Players will proceed to place bets based on the difference in the goal score. Be it the first half or the whole match, some bookies will not count goals in injury time or extra time.

Although this bet has an easy way to play, the ability to win often is a bit difficult. In return, the amount of the bonus paid for each win is much larger than the bet or normal bets.

For example. You predict the match between Japan and Korea in the World Cup qualifiers with a difference of 2 goals. So :

  • You will win when Japan defeats Korea by 2 goals. For example, the goal score is: 3-1; 2-0…
  • You will lose your bet if Japan draws or loses to Korea by 1 goal difference. Example goal score is: 1-0; 2-1; 2-3;….

What is the difference in the score?

Types of odds that separate the scores

Odds bets are not just simple and limited to one form. Currently, the bookies have provided up to 3 types of odds with different scores. Each type will have its own way and rules of the game, specifically as follows.

Bet 0 points draw

A 0-point draw is a bet on a 0-goal difference, meaning that neither team will score a goal. You only win when both teams have a final score of 0-0. If there is a team that scores, you will still lose the bet.

Score draw

Unlike the draw with 0 points difference , the draw has a win condition that must have a difference of 1 goal or even 2; 3; 4 goals. That is, the goal scores for the player to receive the bonus must be: 1-1; 2-2; 3-3; 4-4. If the score is 0-0 then you will still lose the bet.

The top or bottom team wins the difference

According to the traditional way of playing, each match will have an upper and lower door team. Usually the top team will be the home team and the bottom team will be the away team. Therefore, players need to choose the right odds.

For example. Players choose the home team England and the away team France.

  • Players choose to bet that England will win by 2 goals from France. The player will win when England beat France by 2 goals. Such as the score: 2-0; 3-1; 4-2;….
  • And when the British team only wins France by 1 goal or draws or even loses, it will lead to the player losing the bet completely.

How to play the odds with the unbeaten score

The gameplay and rules are extremely simple, but the number of players who regularly win this bet is really small. Therefore, in order to improve your chances of winning, you should immediately pocket some ways to play the following unbeaten score difference .

Know the capacity of 2 teams

No matter what bet you place, you also need to know the capabilities of the two teams. The information about the 2 teams will usually be predicted in the articles of the search or you can find out for yourself. With a clear understanding, making bets and your team will be much more accurate.

An important note is that players should choose matches where the strength of the two teams is much different or the matches are level.

Pay attention to the odds

Because the difference bet has many odds, you should combine to place many bets at the same time. To ensure breakeven, you can bet 1 table difference, 2 or 3 goals difference should not choose too big of a difference. Priority is given to bets with large differences. For matches, if you find the difference is not much, choose a draw.

Pick matches in major leagues

The reason for the difference in the score is to choose to play in the matches in the big tournament. Because these matches attract many players, there will be many accurate predictions and betting articles. Moreover, these matches are unlikely to interfere with the final outcome.

In addition, an important note for players is to choose bets at reputable bookmakers. Low-quality bookies will often provide ghost rafters to cheat players. These bets have both a large payout, a large number of bettors, but are only a form of misleading players. Some other bookies also change the ratio between the hours, making players unable to return in time.


The above article with the content surrounding the score difference, hopefully the information will help players in betting. If you are wondering and do not know how to choose a reputable place to play, register for W88 to experience the best service today. 

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