Find out what the exact score bet is not everyone knows

If you are a true fan of football betting then you probably know what the exact score bet isHowever, not everyone knows how to get the most accurate score. And that is also the concern of many players at W88. Therefore, so that you no longer have to deal with these things, W88 you will give you the answer through the information below.

What is the exact score bet concept?

Score betting, also known by another name, is to catch the score in football. According to many experts, this is an extremely easy and simple bet. For this type of bet, your task is to correctly guess the final score for the match.

What is the exact score bet concept?

Where the result after 90 minutes matches the player’s score. This means that you will win the bet. However, on the contrary, if the score does not match the result you bet, you will lose. Now you understand what the exact score bet is

Advantages and disadvantages of odds

After understanding what the exact score bet is, do you know why so many people choose this catch? And should we follow this form or not? Before answering your question, we should learn more about its advantages and disadvantages.


In fact, playing betting predictions brings many interesting points that we can see such as:

  • You have the right to place many different types of bets at the same time
  • It is acceptable for you to choose multiple ratios at the same time
  • Extremely high win rate
  • There is a very easy to understand and very simple way to bet


Although the winnings are extremely high, it also has certain limitations. Therefore, you should know to consider whether to participate or not:

  • The probability of winning is low because football can bring many unexpected surprises.
  • Does not provide a tie for players.
  • You need to have an investment of time as well as research and calculate the bets so that they are reasonable.

What is the exact score betting experience?

Once you understand what the exact score bet is , you need to know some experience. Learning lessons from many previous players will help you a lot during the experience. Thereby, helping you catch the most accurate online ball score. At the same time, increase the chances of winning extremely high.

Should choose to catch the score by extra time

During the process of participating in bets on Asian, European or over-under bets. Players often tend to find out information about these genres. Besides, other types of side bets such as penalty cards, corners or throw-ins… also contribute greatly to the match.

Therefore, according to the betting experts, the outcome of a match will be closely related to other side bets. Therefore, it is best not to ignore the football score in extra time.

Find out more about the team that decides to bet

This is one of the experiences of betting on what the exact score is. To be able to predict the closest goal score, you need to have an understanding of the participating teams. Some issues that you need to know are the current performance, the weather factor. Also the tips for how to play ball or how to rank.

Through these reviews will bring you better bet results. Therefore, do not forget to find out carefully the information of the teams that will face each other in the match.

Based on the odds ratio

Experts often appreciate in catching this ratio. A good example of an over and under bet will help the player to give the best score result. If both teams use offensive play but no yellow or red cards. At this time, the probability of the over/under odds is for the whole match.

Do not play green ripe

You should know that predicting the score is not a simple way to play. Especially, they do not have a tie, so the probability of losing will be extremely high. Therefore, in many forms, most people choose this way of fighting as secondary. You should not invest too much and just have fun.


The article gives you more information about what is exact score betting. We hope that the information shared above will help you answer all your questions. Don’t forget  to subscribe to W88   for more updates on football odds. And now, wish you have a moment of relaxing experience with football at the house.

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