Join the game bet, get 100k of experience at the W88 bookie

As you all know, the W88 house owns a huge game store with thousands of different games. Each game has a separate version, with its own charm and appeal that players are hard to refuse. In addition, the bookie also provides players with countless betting odds and also has games that give away 100k of experience . Players can take it as an opportunity to find a way to play that works for them. If you don’t want to miss the program to bet on the game and get 100k, then see the following article right away.

Overview of the games at W88

Since its launch, the W88 house has launched a large number of betting games. The games are divided into many categories, some are from Vietnamese folk games, others are improved by W88 from foreign games, and the rest are produced by the house itself.

The products before reaching the hands of players have undergone a thorough testing and review process, ensuring that no details are defective. In terms of images and sound, great investment has been made, so players can easily see beautiful pictures and good sound. There are many other formats to choose from.

As for the rules of the game and how to play, players do not need to worry because most of the games are simple. Especially for games with Vietnamese folk direction, the games are similar. As for international games, it has been improved to suit our country’s playstyle.

There is also a very special point from the house that, W88 has a higher bonus payout than the general market. There are also games that give players 100k of experience.

Overview of the games at W88

Game program gives 100k experience

In recent days, W88 has a game program to give away 100k experiences for all members of the house. However, it is a pity that some brothers have missed this program. If you haven’t joined yet, check out the sections below to learn more.

Applicable games

For this program, for the purpose of thanking players for choosing W88 as a betting playground. The house offers very attractive gifts for players.

  • For games that give away 100k of experience, it will include games such as: Slot Game, lottery, lotteries, folk games, games related to dialing, …
  • In addition, the remaining games will be applied with a cashback promotion from 0.8 to 8% for each deposit.
  • Round time frames will open free games for you to participate in. Or directly issue a bonus of 100k to the account, so players can apply it to all games.
  • As for football betting, players who have just registered and made their first deposit will have the opportunity to immediately receive VND 888,888.

Conditions attached

Accompanying with receiving incentives and some games giving away 100k experiences are mandatory conditions that players must fulfill. Players need to watch carefully to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

  • This program is only available to members at W88.
  • To withdraw the bonus, the player must play 10 times. Counts all games that everyone has participated in, whether won or lost.
  • Some programs are only applicable for a certain period of time, not throughout.
  • Games that are given 100k have a limit on the number of participants.

Necessary Notes

In addition, the house wants to make some players understand that W88 does not have a scam situation. The fact that players do not access or do not receive rewards come from many reasons. It is possible that the player has accessed the peak time frame, resulting in inaccessibility. Or the player who arrived late did not get the voucher.

Therefore, players need to pay close attention to the conditions of the program. Avoid situations where the program is overdue leading to players misunderstanding that W88 is not reputable.

Download the W88 app and get the offer right away

To be able to hunt for vouchers, don’t miss the house’s offers and don’t have to wait every time you visit. Players should immediately download the W88 application to both experience the game, give away 100k for free and immediately receive 88,888 VND.

The application is supported to download on both iOS and Android operating systems. Players access the App Store or CH Play to download the application. Then just log in to your account to have fun.

Those of you who cannot download the application to your device, please change the address to a foreign country. Because it was released from the Philippines, sometimes a few Vietnamese computers are blocked by foreign IPs.


The above article has fully summarized the information related to the game program giving away 100k experiences and some other incentives. Hope it helps you guys in your quest to earn rewards.

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