Instructions on how to play W88 lotto from the masters

If you are really a lover of traditional lottery. Then surely you have no reason to ignore the online lot. This game brings many good benefits to those who participate in this type of game. In order to have the best experience, many players choose the W88 house . So how to play W88 lotto to win big? Join W88 to find out detailed information about the W88 lottery through the data below. 

Popular types of W88 lotteries

This is probably an extremely entertaining game. Players will have a wonderful time when participating in this house. Normally, the lottery is based on lottery results from 3 regions of Central, North and South. Let’s start predicting the number at each prize. The big money is the jackpot prize for your lottery result. At W88, there is a way to play lotto, find out right here.

Popular types of W88 lotteries


A lot of people choose this type of game because it offers a large win rate. As follows:

  • Lot 2 numbers: 00 – 99 are the numbers the player must choose among those numbers. Hit 2 numbers in the 18th prize, the odds of eating will be 95.
  • 3-digit lot: 000 – 999 are the numbers the player must choose among those numbers. In this 17th prize if you hit 3 numbers, the odds are around 835.
  • Lot of 4 numbers: 0000 – 9999 are the numbers the player must choose among those numbers. In lot 16, if you play 4 numbers, the odds are about 7800.
  • The 5-digit lot: 00000 – 99999 are the numbers the player must choose among those numbers. Last 5 digits at 12th prize, the odds are around 55000.

Three claws

This is a difficult form to play for many people, the possibility of returning is very low. But you will hold a huge amount of money if you win.

  • First 3 digits: From 000 to 999, choose 3 digits. Based on the result of 7 on the last 3 numbers, 835 is the range the odds will fall on.
  • 3 tail pins: 000 – 999, choose 3 digits. Please rely on the last 3 digits of the jackpot to see the result, 835 is the odds of winning.
  • 3 leading and trailing pins: last 3 digits from 7th prize and last 3 digits from jackpot. You will win x2 times if the match matches and the win rate is between 835.

How to play W88 lotto 3 North Central South at W88

W88 lotto has an extremely simple way of playing that anyone can play. And of course, players will have a new exciting experience at our W88. Here are 3 steps to play W88 lottery in all regions that players should refer to.

Step 1: Register for W88

Creating an account is the first step that players are required to take when joining there. The way to do it is simple, players just need to visit the W88 homepage and click on the registration box. The information you register on the web must be original information. If necessary, we can contact you immediately. Then click the register button to proceed to play W88 lotto at our house.

Step 2: Choose the game W88 lotto

Please start logging in to W88, then click on the game section to choose a lottery game at W88

Step 3: Place a bet

After entering the game. Players choose a number that interests you the most. Next enter the exact amount you want to bet. Click on confirm when done to start placing bets.

Experience should know when playing W88 lotto

Here are the experiences you should know when you start playing lottery on W88

Catch the topic

Catching the bridge is one of the ways that many players love. This way of playing can be followed based on the given jackpot. This method is not only simple to play, but also very easy to implement. This method helps to win W88 lotteries is very high, so players should note that they should not be ignored.

You must keep a close eye on the XS results table when choosing this way of playing. Next, choose the number of special prizes in the middle and paste it on the first number of the 7th prize to create a white lot. After that, 3-5 days is a reasonable time for you to start growing the inner frame based on the 1:3:6:9 strength ratio. Promise that the results you get will not let you down.

Getting a double thread when playing W88 lotto

This way of playing has been around for a long time and many users find it highly effective. This type of problem has many different types such as: double equals, negatives, deviations, close. According to double observation is the method used by a large number of people. Because of this method, the win rate is indisputable. One thing that stands out is that this compound percentage also appears more often than the other double. In addition, playing numbers with dumb head and dumb tail is also the perfect choice for many people.

In the above article, we have given all information about W88 lotteries for betting people. Hope you will get yourself some useful knowledge to be able to participate in the game here. We hope that you will achieve absolute victory by following what we have written.

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