W88 pc – Create W88 account on PC fastest

W88 always holds the leading position in today’s bookies. And w88 pc is the way that many players choose to participate in betting. So, how to register to W88 by PC quickly? If you do not know, let’s find out together with just 3 steps below. 

How to create an account on w88 pc

How to create an account with W88 is very easy, just spend a few minutes, you can easily own an account. So, are there any steps to register w88 pc fast?

Step 1: Go to W88 PC Web by following the correct link

W88 homepage is often blocked by Vietnamese carriers. However, there will still be a way for you to register for W88 safely and quickly.

First of all, you access the link attached to this article. This is the improved secure W88 link and is the official link of the W88 dealer. At the homepage when accessing this link, you will see a red registration box right in the upper right corner.

Please click on this registration box. If not found, please change the language to Vietnamese for easier operation before registering.

Step 2: Fill in the information

The most important thing when registering a w88 pc account is to fill in the registration information. Players will be taken to a table consisting of many cells to fill in the necessary information. It is the bettor’s job to ensure that the information declared is accurate with reality. It is best to prepare documents for comparison when registering, this will avoid unnecessary errors.

Some information when registering:

  • Email: choose any email as long as you make sure to check that email regularly. Because W88 will send important notifications and confirmation capcha codes to email.
  • Phone number: Please enter your current phone number. The fill structure is +84 and your remaining 9 numbers.
  • Currency: is VND
  • First and Last Name: Please enter the correct name with your birth certificate. It is best to have the same name as the name on the bank card for easy transactions.
  • Date of Birth: Date of birth coincides with CCCD.
  • Username: Choose whatever name you want that is easiest to remember.
  • Password: 6-20 characters long, alphanumeric, may contain special characters.
  • Confirm password: you need to re-enter the password entered above
  • Verification code: enter the code sent to the email.

How to create an account on w88 pc

Step 3: Done

Players check the information again. After that, if you see that the information is not wrong, then click “join”. Registration with W88 PC is completed when this “join” button is pressed.

Should I play W88 on PC or phone?

Currently, the W88 house has served bettors with diverse versions of PC and phone. So should I play w88 pc or w88 app?

Many of you are wondering about this question. Players only need to determine which equipment you use most proficiently. And where is the device that brings you the most convenience, choose to play with that device.

If you are an office worker, play W88 on PC. If you play in your free time, play the W88 app.

So you have just learned the fastest way to register w88 pc . The registration is really very simple, does not require too much time and concentration. So take the time to register for W88 to participate in the safest and most enjoyable betting. 

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