W88 Withdrawal – How to withdraw W88 quickly at w88c1.com


You have a betting account at the reputable W88 house, you deposit money and play to win. At this point, you want to withdraw from your winning account to your ATM card to withdraw money, and use that winnings.

If you do not know how to withdraw money quickly, neatly, and quickly update your bank account, please see instructions on how to withdraw money from your w88 account below.

Is W88 withdrawal simple and fast?

Currently, how to withdraw money w88 is supported by this house very quickly. You just need to Login, Transfer Money and enter your bank account information, press the WITHDRAW button and you’re done.

The most detailed W88 withdrawal instructions
Share your W88 withdrawal experience quickly

The most detailed W88 withdrawal instructions

I. Transfer money from other betting wallets to Main Wallet

The w88 house has many attractive betting products such as football betting, online casino, high odds, or attractive slot games.

First, you need to transfer money from those private betting wallets to the Main Wallet to withdraw W88 money

After the transfer is complete, you take the next step to withdraw money to your bank account.

II. Fill in the w88 account withdrawal table

Step 1: Click on WITHDRAW to fill in the player’s account information.

Step 2: Fill in player bank account information

  • Withdrawal amount: enter the amount you need to withdraw, remember to remove 3 zeros.
  • Bank : Choose your bank to receive money
  • Bank branch : where you make atm card – account
  • Bank address
  • Bank account name: enter the ATM card holder’s NAME AND NAME, remember to be the same as the w88 betting account’s first and last name.
  • Phone number : what to support.
Step 3: Finally, click on the WITHDRAWAL button
After completing the withdrawal order, please wait patiently for about 30 to 45 minutes, your bank account will have money.
At the same time, the player’s account in w88 is also deducted. Because this amount has been transferred to the player’s bank account.
Rest assured, the w88 house is a reputable bookmaker in Vietnam, so the withdrawal transaction will be very fast and safe.

Note :

  • In order to withdraw money quickly, you need to fill in all banking information completely and accurately.
  • Do not use other people’s bank accounts, must use the player’s own bank to be accepted.
  • And of course, the money in the w88 betting account must have money to make the withdrawal order.
  • When a player makes a w88 withdrawal, the house may ask you to provide a photo of your identity card to verify that the bank account is the correct owner.

Reasons why w88 withdrawals are slow

W88 Withdrawal is sometimes delayed, when players do not correctly or incorrectly follow the instructions set by this house. So, check to see if you are stuck in one of the following reasons:
  • When withdrawing money, the house stops operating and maintenance.
  • The player’s banking system is maintaining the system.
  • Your information such as your first and last name, bank account, when entered is wrong
  • First and last name of withdrawal is not the same as Full name of betting account
  • Betting customers, rules of betting policies should be waiting for processing time.

Method to solve the problem of slow withdrawal of W88:

The best solution is to immediately contact the online support department on the home page of the w88 bookie.
At this time, the bookie staff will answer all questions about the delayed withdrawal and offer ways to help you solve the problems.
Don’t worry, if you follow the instructions on how to withdraw money correctly, we guarantee you will receive the money in your bank account. Because the house w88 is one of the leading reputable bookmakers in Vietnam.

Slow withdrawal of W88 often creates anxiety for players, especially new members. In case, you fall into this situation, please check if you have one of the reasons why withdrawals at W88 are slow below?

  • W88 dealer maintenance.
  • The bank youdeposited money into is undergoing system maintenance, or falls on a holiday
  • During the withdrawal process, the bettor entered the wrong bank account information.
  • The player violates the house rules, so the withdrawal transaction has not been processed by W88.

The best way, you should contact W88’s customer service department to handle this request. Thereby, W88 staff will check the member’s withdrawal transaction. Then, they will give the best solution for players when W88 withdrawals are delayed.

Share your W88 withdrawal experience quickly

You have won the bet, the mentality now is to withdraw the winnings to spend. But if you don’t do it properly, it can lead to slow withdrawals.

Experience to make w88 withdrawals take place quickly in about 30 minutes:

  • Please select the appropriate withdrawal time. It is recommended to choose the time in the morning from Monday to Friday.
  • Withdrawals are not recommended during bank maintenance or downtime as your transactions will be delayed.

Some questions when withdrawing

Currently, there are some issues that many people wonder when withdrawing money at W88:

How long does it take for the money to arrive?

All withdrawals of W88 are verified and secured by the house.
It takes about 15-30 minutes to process the withdrawal transaction, then the money will be deposited into the player’s bank account.

Will it cost money when withdrawing W88 money to atm card?

Withdrawing money when winning at the prestigious W88 house, the player does not lose any costs. So, you can rest assured because this is one of the most prestigious bookmakers in Vietnam today.

Conclusion on Withdrawing from W88 bookie

w88you.vip in this article has detailed instructions on how to withdraw money, experience and mentioned 1 of the reasons that the withdrawal is slow. Hopefully this article will be of little benefit to players.
At the same time, w88you.vip wishes you good luck to regularly withdraw your winnings.