Withdraw money W88 and 8Xbet, which side is more convenient?

Withdraw money w88 and 8Xbet are two online bookmakers with great attraction in the betting game market today. Although the W88 house has just launched on the market, W88 has built a perfect market. Along with that is a multitude of attractive withdrawal methods to satisfy players. withdraw money w88 gives players extremely attractive attraction from speed to form. Join W88 to find out the article after comparing how to withdraw money from W88 and 8Xbet.

W88 and 8Xbet withdrawal speed comparison

These two bookies have achieved a leading reputation in the Asian market, including Vietnam. All here provide membership games with extremely interesting experiences along with attractive card games. However, when it comes to withdrawal speed, I believe that W88 and 8Xbet have a big difference.


These two bookies have achieved a leading reputation in the Asian market, including Vietnam


Need you to hold in your hand a bank account of your own. Then you can make withdraw money w88 anytime you want and no time limit. withdraw money w88 transaction speed can be said to be “like a blink of an eye”. Just wait a few minutes, the money will automatically “ting ting” into your account.

In addition, the extent to which the house allows players to withdraw money is very diverse. 100 thousand dong is the minimum amount to withdraw, and 100 million is the maximum number that can be withdrawn at one time. 1.5 billion is the limit amount players are allowed to withdraw in a day. W88 withdrawal conditions sound very attractive, right?

Comparison of W88 and 8Xbet withdrawal customer care capacity

Professionalism and dynamism are two words that describe the capacity of the staff here. But if you compare the level of customer care, withdrawing money at W88 is more outstanding. Because at the W88 house, we will serve players 24/24, just ask questions. You just need to pick up the phone and immediately call the W88 switchboard via the hotline number. Just wait for a split second and you are already connected to W88’s server system. Any questions you have will be answered promptly and promptly.

Compare withdrawal methods W88 and 8Xbet

When talking about W88 and 8Xbet withdrawal methods , these two bookmakers are very diverse in terms of withdrawal methods. But W88 has more withdrawal methods than 8Xbet. At W88, there are many different types of withdrawal methods. Currently, W88 cooperates with hundreds of banks in Vietnam and around the world. Aim for users to enjoy as many benefits as possible. In addition, withdraw money w88 is also linked with leading e-wallets such as VNpay, Zalopay, .. to support users in the most convenient way.

Above is all information about comparing W88 and 8Xbet withdrawal instructions . Withdrawal can be said to be one of the factors that make players choose and trust the house. Hopefully through this article players can draw appropriate knowledge to improve themselves.

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